Win 98 with newwer hardware


Nov 16, 2007
I need to build a win 98 for some older software. I would install it on my vista laptop using compatibility mode, but the laptop does not have a printer/parallel port. The older software has a hardware key that must be plugged into a parallel port.

I am assembling this box using left over parts from my last 4 years of pc building.
HP mini tower case (HP pavillion a1000y)
Asus (made for HP) P5LP-LE (Limestone 1.04) bios 3.17
Link to mobo:
Pentium D 920 2.8G
2x 512M PC2-3200 DDR2 dual channel
On board graphics: intel chipset xpress 945G
generic CD-RW
generic floppy
300w psu with case

Will this hardware work with Win 98?
Will all the usb ,1394, card reader that is on the case work?
Will the newer ATX style on/off work?

Or should i install windows XP home on it. Then install the old software using compatibility mode?
What software are you using?

You'll be extremely lucky to find any Win 98 drivers for hardware newer than 2003... it would be much better to use XP. The card reader, for instance, won't work without a driver... and it's unlikely that you'd find a 98 driver for it.
I just did that on a HP Pavillion 8775C, and it was an adventure to say the least, Zoron nailed it with the driver issue and thats definitely going to be your biggest hurdle.

I would suggest joining its free and you can get drivers from there you can't seem to find anywhere else, like HP for example.

First you need to be fairly confident you have acquired all the necessary drivers before the installation, making sure you have the chipset drivers.

If you can find drivers for Win98 then proceed if not you'll probably have to go the XP compatability route, but anyway it will be fun and an adventure, but you'll be surprised at how difficult it can get, juggling the IRQs to make things work and such as that, but if you can pull it off it will be an accomplishment.

I did have to track me down an older video card, and soundcard, but the rest of the drivers I found.
As I suspected ASUS does not list that model M/B as its HP priortarialized, and more than likely HP will only have drivers available for the original OP/SYS that was released with the PC at production release.

Exactly what I went through!

You can save considerable time and trouble by going the WinXP compatability route because your hardware is newer than mine was.


Nov 16, 2007
yep you are right. No go on win98 drivers. I installed win xp sp3. I then installed the old software using win98 comp mode. It installed fine.

But it uses an Aladdin HASP4 dongle. It is a parallel port security device (i call it a hardware key). The old software or winxp does not see the device.

I am hoping that Brother Electronics will have drivers or a work around.

thanks guys


Jan 22, 2009
Is the parallel port used for anything other than the dongle? If only the dongle is on the port then it can be possibly be circumvented.... google up


Jun 14, 2008
u could us virtual box, VMware, software... to run 98 on Vista...

just an idea...

virtual box works with any os, ontop any other os... and its free.