Question window 7 installation

Jul 29, 2019
Download appropriate drivers for your hardware and install them.
You find them at manufacturer support site for your motherboard. So you need to know motherboard model name first (or model name of your brand name pc or laptop).
Graphics drivers you find at (depending on your graphics card)
i have an intel 7th generation processor i have not found any drivers for windows 7 on my manufacturer support site it will give drivers for only windows 10 so where i get my windows 7 drivers i already tried many offline drivers like driver pack and driver talent and many others offline drivers but it provide only ethernet driver i need display driver , mouse , wifi and many important drivers to run windows 7 smoothly so please can you help me how i can
Gen 6, 7, 8, and 9 for intel and all Ryzen from AMD were designed for windows 10 and newer OS's. You will be hard to find any official drivers from manufactures to support win 7 on newer hardware.

You might be able to download the windows 10 version of the driver then run it in a compatibility mode for windows 7 to install.

The other option is if that is a valid windows 7 key for that computer you can download the windows 10 media creation tool and upgrade that key to windows 10 on the computer for free.


Give it up. You're not going to find Windows 7 drivers for that hardware. Manufacturers have been winding down support for a couple of years now, and, what with Windows 7 support ending next January, it's time to move to a supported OS.
You keep asking the same question over and over again.

You have already been told. Go to the hardware manufacturer's sites for each of your components. If they don't have Windows 7 drivers for that hardware, or never made any Windows 7 drivers for that hardware, then it does not exist.

We cannot magically create for you what does not exist.

Do not repeatedly ask the same question.
It may not be that hopeless.
If one manufacturer is not providing win7 drivers, then another manufacturer might provide them for similar hardware.

Unfortunately we still know nothing about the hardware (except that cpu is intel 7th gen).