[SOLVED] Windows 10 randomly deleting files

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Dec 22, 2016
Hi there, I ran into some problems with my Windows 10 today, let me tell you how it happened first, I got a message from Windows that I was running low on space as I use 128GB NvME SSD, so I deleted some unimportant files and trashed the trash can, it was acting strange as it took the confirmation pop-up 10 minutes until it appeared, I clicked yes and the Trash can was wiped. After that I started up a game, and saw I lost all my progress, and in the Documents almost all of the files for games and apps were deleted. Not even sign of them.
Im trying to run Data Recovery Software to no avail, hopefully it will find something with deep scan.
My question is, is there a way how to find those files differently, or is there a way how to stop this from happening?
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