Question windows 10

Mar 22, 2019
i got a brand new pc installed steam it one day would not load because of random files some how got deleted within the app a proper uninstall was not done there is still a few steam files floating on my pc. will not show up in search bar either i cant delete it now and my pc wont accept me as admin and gives me no permission errors and i cant run anything as admin steam wont show up in app store either still traces of it on my pc very few of them my task manager will not respond either alot of things seem to not work or wants admin permission for some reason pc says im admin i didnt backup anything 4 day old pc didnt get around to it yet but my emultors work fine but nothing will run as admin microsoft claims windows 10 was corupted we tried to reformat on a flash drive but bios was turned off n microsoft was worried it would make it worse if we went further with the format help pls?