Windows 7 64bit wont install but 32bit will


Sep 1, 2011
I am building a new computer and I can not get Win7 64bit Ult to install at all...hangs at black screen with cursor or just BSOD's just before that. Why then does Win7 32bit Ult install completely fine? It does so easily and then makes fun of me for having 16G of ram installed and only being able to utilize 3.17G of it. WHY?

My Specs

ASUS Crosshair V Formula BIOS 0506
AMD 1100T BE
Corsair Veng 16G (asus approved)
Roswill 1000w Lightning PSU
Corsair Force GT SSD 120GB

I have: booted with only one dimm slotted, disabled legacy usb in bios, cleaned corrupted installs and restarted, contacted asusrog forums, only have sata plugs going into SB sata ports, run a memtest and all 16G passed, booted in save mode by pushing F5...

I dont want to have to just run with so low ram...

If I install OS to SSD and everything else to HDD when I finally figure out how to install x64 will I loose my HDD data?


Since you have an SSD im not sure why your not installing your OS on there anyway....

Your best option is probably to;
Disconnect HDD from PC, leave only SSD attached.
Install Windows 7 64-bit as a fresh install
Reconnect HDD
Check boot sequence in BIOS is set to boot from SSD
Format HDD (yes this will lose all data)
And then your done, one fresh install of Windows 7 64-bit :)

^ Someone else might have a more creative idea, but that's what I'd do.

EDIT: To address your first post, the reason 64-bit might not be installing is because your trying to UPGRADE it rather than a fresh install. Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-but is NOT a valid upgrade path. A FRESH INSTALL is REQUIRED.


Jun 18, 2011
I will slightly alter Adrian's advice, i.e. if you have no back up of your HDD data don't format it. Installing OS on SSD is the best option as recommended by Adrian as well. Once you have done and system boots normally, you can simply re-attach your HDD as secondary drive, and perhaps download diagnostic tool from its manufacturer's site to thoroughly check it, to ensure there aren't any problems with the unit.



I installed my brand new win7 os (first time owning) on my brand new SSD and the install couldn't have been fresher :eek:

took 15 mins to install the whole thing and have steam installed XD

Didn't take you long to get on STEAM haha!


To the OP:

Also as said above, you dont HAVE to format your HDD, you could just reconnect it and clean it up with disk cleanup/defrag and remove any unwanted junk



Sep 1, 2011
Umm...seems like I didn't get my point accross at all cause all of your adviece doesn't make any sense. Of course Im trying to install the OS to the SSD.

I cant get Win7 x64 to install to the SSD at all. BSOD's, hangs for hours, calls out I/O errors...

I am currently on the computer right now, running in the x32 envio, because Win7 x32 installs fine.

Again, Win7 x32 will install on my computer (on either the SSD, the intended place, or the HDD, tried just for testig) but Win7 x64 WILL NOT at all ever.

Thus leaving me only utilizing 20% of my 16G of installed RAM.

WHY? And how do I fix this? Some are saying that it is a memory controler issue with the mobo, or that the mobo is bad?

HELP... I want to run x64 and get the most out of this build but currently x32 is the only stable, workable option.

And yes, I know x64 is not an "upgrade" this is why this is so freaking frustrating because this whole x32 install that I have been running now for a day will be wiped clean when I install x64.

I tried installing x64 twice to the SSD after completely wiping it with PartedMagic. It wouldn't install, BSOD's, hangs ect...