Windows 7 password problem

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Windows 7 (and maybe Visa?) let you create a "Password Hint" which is supposed to remind you of what the password is.

Other than that, by their very design, you cannot sign on to a system without knowing the correct password. If you could, then there would be no point in having the password in the first place.


Dec 29, 2005

I have used this many times on many systems. It works. It does require basic computer knowledge to pull off, but it DOES WORK. I have used this on Windows 2000, XP and Vista PCs... and it should work fine on Windows 7 as well. Basically it's a bootable CD that loads a stripped down Linux client that gives you access to edit the registry... after all... your password is stored in the registry. It will not allow you to recover your lost password, but it will allow you to reset the password to one of your choosing. The interface STINKS... but if you know how to burn a bootable CD and go slow... you will be able to do this.

Local Windows passwords are WORTHLESS if you're dealing with a determined individual... this won't work on domain passwords (obviously, since they're stored on a server) but if you have physical access to a workstation, this will allow you to assume local administrative privileges on that machine.
If you have physical access to a workstation then you always have the option of pulling the drive out and installing it into another system that you DO know the password to in order to access the files.

Nothing short of encryption can protect data if someone has access to the hardware. And what's safely encrypted today probably won't be tomorrow.
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