Windows 7 ultimate mem issue has to be


May 3, 2009
I recently installed windows 7 ultimate 64bit from Windows xp pro 32bit. here are my specs

Asus p5n E sli MB
intel dual core 2 E6600

Patriot ram 2gig x 2 sticks DDr2 PC2 6400

2 hard drives used as Raid 0 windows 7 installed, one drive windows xp installed
chipsets are nvidia nforce 650i sli spp and MCP

graphics card is a nvdia geforce 8800gts 650mb card. latest drivers installed from nvidia.

the issue is randomly Windows 7 freezes when i am installing somehting like a game or app then i have to reboot manually.

i read here that it is possibly a memory timing issue.

well i have patriot ram what would i set the timings too to fix this.
The ram label should have more info. I would google the model number. Start by setting the voltage manually. Then if the problem persists, change the timings; normally, I just use memtest to check for errors and rma the bad stick. Check each one separately.