Windows 7 using all my cores???


Aug 6, 2008
Hey guys,

I just got a q9550 and my task manager says Windows 7 is using all of my cores..

Is this normal? Isn't it supposed to be using only 2?
It would be pointless to have all these multicore processors and only use 2 cores lols. Depending on the version of windows it can utilize up to 256 cores\threads on a max of two sockets anymore then 2 sockets you will have to get windows server edition. So windows is designed to use as many threads as you can throw at it to maximize its performance.

In the search box, type: performance monitor

Run that app - It'll display the resources the system has and how much is being used. With your 4 core processor, you should see 4 boxes in the CPU section. At idle, those 4 should be pretty much empty. Under use, the traces on the graphs will change to indicate each core's current load. If you see all 4 cores, and there's little/no load when the system's not doing anything - that is proper behavior. If you're not doing anything and all 4 cores show a heavy load - then there may be a problem, and you should investigate what is using your comp.