Windows Crashing even with new hardware

Oct 17, 2018
Hello guys, on the past months I've been having a problem with my PC. I've read many threads trying to figure out what is wrong with it. But I just cant find out what the problem might be.

So, Im gonna start from the beggining and it might be a long text.

On 2014 my system was:

CPU: FX 8350
Cooler: Corsair H100i GTX
RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 4x4gb
Mobo: Crosshair V Formula Z
2 HDD (1 Samsung 300gb and the other one is WD Caviar Black 1tb)
GPU: Sapphire 7970 Vapor X 6gb
PSU: Corsair AX750

It worked pretty well, I dont remember having problems with it. Until the PSU start to give in.

The pc would randomly just shut off and it wouldnt turn back on again.

So I bought a new PSU (aerocool xpredator 700w) it was a downgrade from what I had previously, but that was what I could afford at the time. (I live in brazil and that kind of stuff is hell expensive here).

The pc started to function normaly after the psu was replaced.

So, since 2016 I started to upgrade it slowly.

At first i got 2 SSD (Samsung 850 EVO 250gb). I used one for windows, the other one for games, and I kept using my HDDs for storage.

I dont remember having problems with it at the time.

On 2017, I got an Asus 1080 gtx strix gaming advanced 8gb.

Still dont remember having problems with the system.

On january 2018 i got a new psu EVGA supernova 750p2.

it worked flawlessly for about a month, until it started to get random restarts (even without gaming).

I did lots of tests until I figured out that the PSU EcoMode was broken. It would get hot and hotter and the fan wouldnt start spinning until it get to the point that it would shut down to prevent damage. (there are threads about it so im not alone here).

So I didnt want to have the trouble to RMA it (since it is brand new and have 10 years warranty and I can do it sometime later), so I just deactivated the EcoMode and kept on with my life.

So I used it for a month or two without problems and then it all started.

Sometimes I could play for hours, until I get tired and the pc wouldnt restart a single time. Sometimes it would restart after 5 minutes or 30 minutes, it was pretty random. I could browse as much as I wanted that it wouldn't restart, it would only happen when playing games.

I tried to format the pc, tried to reassemble the whole hardware again, but still, the restarts would happen. After sometime I just decided to live with it.

I did notice something odd on the system event log. Before EVERY crash the filter manager was loaded (npsvctrig and filecrypt) to be more specific.

I did a research and found out that I wasnt the only one with those exact logs to have crashes. But I never managed to find a solution to that. So, moving on...

On september 2018 I decided to change my CPU, Mobo and RAM.

So now my system is:
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x
cooler: corsair h100i gtx
Mobo: MSI gaming pro carbon ac b450
RAM: corsair vengeance rgb pro 3000mhz (2x8gb)
GPU: asus 1080gtx strix gaming advanced
PSU: evga supernova 750p2
2 SSD samsung 850 evo
2 HDD (1 samsung 300gb and 1 WD caviar black 1tb)

I formated my windows again, installed all drivers from my mobo webpage, but the problem still persists. The system event log shows me the exact same filters beeing loaded before every crash.

The diference now, is that my pc restarts even if im only browsing. And when it restarts, it get stuck on and infinite loop restarting, until I force it to shut down (on the old build it would just restart without the infinite loop).

Other thing that I notice differently is that on the new build, it would only happen once per day. So, after it would stop crashing, (I would have to restart my pc from 3 to 7 times before it would definitely stop crashing), I could play as many games as I wanted until the other day, when it would crash again.

So that was what I was doing for the last days.

On my tests, I did tried to format my pc with a new windows image (thinking that my old image could be corrupted). But the problem persisted.

I did tried to format using only my SSDs (thinking that maybe my HDDs were going bad), still nothing.

Yesterday I formated the windows again, played the whole night and left my pc turned on the whole night too.

In the mornig the pc was still on, no problem. when I tried to use it, crashed. But this time it got worse, it wouldnt stop crashing.

Today I tried to leave only the windows SSD connected and it crashed. Tried to install windows on the other SSD (leaving the windows one disconnected), crashed on the instalation. tried to install windows on my HDDs (with my SSDs disconnected), crashed on instalation too.

So I resolved to reassemble the whole hardware again. I even took the CPU off and put it back on again.

I did swap my PSU to the aerocool one to see if the other one could be the problem. Im writting this from the same SSD that i formated yesterday and was crashing non-stop this mornig.

If it doesnt crash I'll swap the psu again to be sure that it is the problem or not.

I'd like u guys to give me ideas on what might be the problem.

Something that i didnt said is that I DONT get BSOD, it just restarts. So i do not have a minidump file. All I've got is event log.

There are 6 crashes reported on this mornig, and they all have the exact same order.

Critical Level 17/10/2018 09:35:51 Kernel-Power 41 (63)
Information 17/10/2018 09:35:51 FilterManager 6 None (npsvctrig)
Information 17/10/2018 09:35:51 FilterManager 6 None (filecrypt)
Information 17/10/2018 09:35:51 Ntfs (Microsoft-Windows-Ntfs) 98 None
Information 17/10/2018 09:35:51 FilterManager 6 None (wdfilter)
Information 17/10/2018 09:35:51 FilterManager 6 None (wof)
Information 17/10/2018 09:35:51 FilterManager 6 None (fileinfo)
Oct 17, 2018
So, after I reassembled the whole hardware and switch back to my old xpredator PSU the crashes stopped. I already asked for an RMA on my EVGA PSU. So whoever is reading this and getting errors like mine, try checking out the hardware. I was pretty sure it had something to do with those event logs, but turns out it didn't. I'm just really upset that a Platinum PSU didn't last at least a year before it give in.