Question Windows stuck on black screen after restarting after showing artifacts and after GPU driver update, but works fine on safe mode ?


Jun 19, 2018
I bought a used "Sapphire Dual X HD 7850" from an online marketplace. There were several events prior to this that I need to point out.

I ran Furmark and it reached 100c but for some reason, it did not thermal throttle. My first mistake here was to leave it running beyond its operating temperature (80c), the second was letting my power supply become fireworks.
My original power supply was some generic 600W that presumably came with the case (this PC is a cheap pre-built). I then had to buy a GS450PRO 450W 80+ Bronze from Inplay as a replacement.

After that happened, I went on to check that no other component was damaged. Thankfully, there were none. But I noticed that the thick thermal pad on my graphics card's VRAM has melted and stuck on the PCB and RAM. I don't know whether or not this happened before or after the Furmark incident.

Yesterday, I was playing Rocket League using the same parts (plus the new PSU) then suddenly, my screen froze with a bunch of artifacts. It quickly went away then appeared again. I just restarted the computer out of fear of another popping PSU.
Today, I'm just browsing then suddenly the display started showing artifacts again, different ones (hard to describe). Then my display black screened (not "No Signal"), my peripherals seemingly powered but not functioning (has LED, but no signal lights on keyboard).
After a few restarts, it did the automatic repair, which is when I booted into Safe Mode where everything worked fine. I assume the issue is between the card and the driver.

I know my PSU is sufficient and everything is plugged in correctly. I also know that the PCIe slot is fine because I'm using my backup card (GTX 460) without any trouble.

PC Specs:
AMD A8-7850K
Colorful A68M Motherboard
AMD Sapphire Dual X HD 7850 2GB
Inplay GS450PRO 450W 80+ Bronze
Adata 8GB 2400MHz DDR3
Sandisk SSD Plus 240GB SATA
Toshiba 500GB 7200RPM
WD Blue 160GB 7200RPM
*Nvidia Gigabyte GTX 460 OC 1GB
*600W Generic PSU

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


It's certainly not helpful that you replaced one generic supply with another; this cheap Inplay is quite obviously not actually a 450W PSU in any modern sense (<350W on +12V rail) and given that 80 Plus seems to have no record of anything related to this PSU, there's a good chance the 80 Plus certificate is just completely faked, which sadly is common in certain countries. At least one other thing on the box is a complete lie; it doesn't use DC-to-DC conversion with this power output table.