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    Question Problems with ryzen 5 2400g

    Hi, I just bought a new PC with the following things: ASRock B450M-HLD R4.0 (BIOS P1.0) RYZEN 5 2400G 3.9GHz + Radeon Vega 11 AM4 STOCK Cooler (stock settings, XLP profile for RAM, and 2gb allocated graphics memory) 2x8GB RAM Team DDR4 2666MHz T-Force Vulcan Red Power Supply Corsair 450W...
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    Question Major Issue, Can't See Anything On Screen

    So I ran the Aorus Engine Auto Scanner (probably not great idea in hindsight) and my screen went black. I figured it might go back to normal after a while so I let it sit for a while. The issue is that it never did go back to normal. I tried rebooting, only to find that the monitor is not...
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    Question Cant boot into Windows 10 / Black screen

    My friend has a problem where she cant get into windows. The problem began like this: She was downloading a game and went to shower, in that time pc went to sleep and when she came back and tried turning the pc on, at first everything seemed (fans turn on, single beep from the beeper, bios...
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    Question Windows 10 Black screen after windows LOGO

    I JUST gotten an Kingston A400 SSD 240gb Yesterday and installed my Windows on it and everything was smooth and PC is starting in 5 seconds But Today i'm surprised that when i turn on PC after the windows logo i get a (black screen for like 4 seconds) it happens before windows logon after...
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    Question PC not detecting my 2 monitors due to weird stuff happening

    Hello everyone, I don't know if this is the right category for this kind of question but I'll try. So, this is my problem: sometimes, when I turn on my PC, it looks like my PC doesn't detect the monitors. The first this happened, was in a period in which I used to unplug one monitor and plug...
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    Question pc black screen

    Hello, A friend of my has the problem that the pc gets a black screen. he says that the pc most of the time works around 5 days and the gets a black screen. can this be that the bios is out of date?
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    Question random screen flickering black

    hi guys, i built a brand new pc few months ago. I installed gpu last month and everything seemed to be working fine. For the past few days i noticed screen turning black for few seconds randomly.This used to not happen before. I tried updating driver and reinstalling old driver and nothing seems...
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    Question File explorer turns black until I move the mouse or hit refresh (video in the comments)

    So idk where to put this but I chose Windows 10 because I hope from all my heart not to be my graphic card or other expensive component. Here is the video: It come back to normal with mouse over the black screen or if I hit the REFRESH button. Help me guys.Thanks and...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] What video inputs work with Microsoft basic vga driver?

    I've just bought a new GPU and it's the first GPU I've bought that doesn't have support for a VGA monitor so I tried hooking the HDMI input to my TV but because the NVIDIA drivers arent installed there's no signal and I was wondering would dvi-d work with the microsoft basic driver? just so I...
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    Question Alienware 17: Will my laptop use integrated graphics if I remove my dedicated video card?

    Hi everyone! I have been experiencing some technical issues with my dedicated graphics card on my Alienware 17 laptop. Ever since new Windows 10 updates were automatically downloaded, my graphics card (Geforce NVIDIA GTX 880M) has stopped working. It shows on Device Manager>Display Adapters an...
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    Question atikmpag.sys failure, tried everything

    ive been trying to get my mining rig made of 5 rx580 red devils to work again since they randomly stopped working back in January. I've uninstalled each individual driver and reinstalled it one by one, ive tried drivers 17.1.4 and 18.3.4 as well as the newest at the time 19.1.2 and now the...
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    Question Random Black Screen while (mostly) playing games

    Hello all, First post here because I am completely stumped. People have posted similar problems, but very rarely do people post how it resolved in the end. I will first present my build, then the situation, followed by everything I have already tried. I have been building computers since 2013...
  13. ak195

    Question 1600mhz Ram Failed to run on Second Gen. board but after 1 year

    Hi, there's a problem arises after 1 year and almost 6 months, that is my 4GB Ram is not working. I know the problem, which is I was using 1600mhz ram on my i5-second generation laptop. Two rams were attached, first is 2gb 1333mhz and second is that 4gb 1600mhz. But can anyone tell me why it...
  14. aidfarrell70

    [SOLVED] PC crashing, black screen, and display glitches

    My friend needs help with a problem he's having with his PC. His PC will start freezing when doing anything like browsing or gaming, especially when loading a programme up. The display will make a weird visual glitch and freeze that looks like this: View: before he...
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    Question black screen

    My system: CPU: Ryzen 1200 Motherboard: Asus ROG strix B350-f RAM: 4x4gb Geil evo spear 2400MHz GPU: visiontek rx 580 8gb SSHD (boot drive) seasonic 1tb firecuda PSU: thermaltake smart 600W So i've had my computer for a little over a year and am only recently encountering this problem. the...
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    Question new build black screen no display

    Hello, I've been troubleshooting in my free time over the last few months and I can't figure out how to see the display on a computer I built. Here is a part list: I also have an ASUS M5A878L-M mobo and Nvidia GeForce GTX 770. They were parts I was using...
  17. Aledd

    [SOLVED] DisplayPort no signal

    Hi there guys, Got an issue with the display from my rig and I can't seem to work it out! PCPartPicker part list: CPU: Intel - Core i5-9600K 3.7 GHz 6-Core Processor CPU Cooler: Cooler Master - Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler Motherboard...
  18. S

    Question Games black-screening on launch post nvidia driver update

    Okay so heres the issue. My partner’s pc auto updated it’s graphics drivers and ever since then when he’s tried to launch games it doesn’t load the graphics properly. Everything else is fine, but he’ll go to launch League and will see the launch screen for a split second then it black screens...
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    Question upgrade ram problem Acer v3 771g

    Hello everyone i have a problem with my rams when i try to upgrade my laptop ram my pc didnt work i press the power button and stuck to the black screen . Also i watch my Cpu specs my cpu max ram 32 gb but i only try to upgrade 8 to 10 pls help me
  20. F

    Question Black screen with a freeze for a couple of seconds, and games crash

    The screen turns black for a few seconds, the computer freezes, it does not turn off, and after the screen lights up, I can continue to work, but most games crash after that, crashes randomly, but often, sometimes every 2 mins, the same happens with unreal engine 4, it crashes with a freeze. My...