Question Windows vista caused my power supply to burn down?


Jul 4, 2019
Hi, i had a pretty old pc and i installed windows vista (cuz that's what it shipped with) and before windows vista i had windows 7 running on it. I was watching a movie with my mom then it randomly shat down. I tried to power it back on and it didn't work. I unplugged it from power cuz i got scared lmao. Some weeks later when my new laptop wasn't working, i powered it on again, this time making EXTREMELY WEIRD AND SCARY noises. I imediatelly shat it down and unplugged it. Later that day i powered it on again (with my hand on the cable ready to unplug it) and it booted to vista. I booted to bios and i saw that the temperatures were very normal, at like 20*. I booted it to windows and i tried to make a windows 7 bootable usb until it randomly shat down. I unplugged it and then it started smelling like burning. I had -1 ideas of what to do. i just panicked. Nowadays opening up my pc it doesnt smell like anything was burning(i am way too much of a pussy to power it on) but the power supply.. it smelt like burning. Did windows vista cause my psu to catch on fire? It worked 2+ years on 7 alright.
A power supply just delivers power. It shouldn't really be affected by what OS is running on the system, as the OS does not have any direct control over it.

What model of power supply is it? It might have just failed due to being a poor power supply.