Windows XP 64 bit and Adobe Flash Player


Flash is not compatible with 64-bit Internet Explorer or Firefox. It works perfectly fine with 32-bit versions of the browsers... XP Pro 64 includes both 32 and 64-bit versions of IE.


Sep 26, 2012
The original question stated "Windows XP 64 Bit." The Adobe site says that is has a 64-bit version now, but does not specify whether that is the Windows 7, Vista, or XP 64-bit operating system or are we to assume it means all versions. I would like to go to Adobe and get a version specific to XP, but their site doesn't allow for that. So I am stuck with the latest version that does NOT install or work on 64-bit XP with AVG enabled or disabled. Unfortunately, the world is still addicted to releasing Flash videos so I am without the ability to watch anything but HTML5. Please World, drop Flash and use something modern.

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