Windows Xp keyboard and mouse won’t work

May 12, 2018
I decided to boot up a old Windows XP Professional it booted up fine however the keyboard and mouse do not work I do not have a PS2 port on this computer so that is not a option. I do get a hardware window however.


Feb 2, 2016
Might have to reinstall Windows. If you have any important files you want on there or just wanna keep, you could copy all of the hard drive's contents or just the things that you want with something like PartedMagic, which comes included in something called HBCD
You can burn HBCD to a CD or DVD, or a USB Flash Drive, which I would prefer
If you're going to be putting it on a disc, use this program:
If you're going to be putting it on a USB, go here:
You can then boot to it and select PartedMagic, which is Linux but optimized for computer rescuing
Grab files off the hdd and put it on the USB or any other device and yeah

Or maybe you don't have to reinstall Windows, you could try other things
Have you tried all the USB ports on the computer? Tried booting in Safe Mode? Also, have a look at the bios settings and see if anything is turned off
You could also try clearing the cmos, which can be done by removing the clock battery on the motherboard when the computer is off and then putting it back after 28 seconds or so
There's a lot you can try to do to get the keyboard and mouse working, which reminds me, is that the only keyboard and mouse you have? Try using another pair and see if they work (If the keyboard and mouse is working in the bios or in any other part of the computer like PartedMagic, then it's working, just not in Windows of course)