windows xp on an ssd?


Mar 6, 2017
right so i know tech veterans out there may have seen this question far too much however i would like to raise it once more so windows xp doesn't have this "trim" technology in it however how much would this degrade the life of an ssd if its like far too much to be worth can anyone suggest me the fastest possible 2.5 inch drive im looking for 500gb or more thanks


Jun 20, 2018
SSD on a Windows XP machine is like putting a Chevy V8 on a different chassis. Sure you can get it to work, but at the expense of reliability and loss in power.

Why not just go SCSI? 500 GB at 10000 RPM's might work for that system better. Your going to run into a lot of issues with the SSD and getting it to work right.

I'm assuming you have legacy software that you just can't leave behind, but you can run it through a virtual machine. Heck, you can assign some space from your SSD to your VM and have Windows XP run like that. Oracle Virtual Box or VM Player works. I have legacy software that only works with XP, but I converted my machine to a VM. Might work better. But putting an SSD on legacy hardware will be such a headache. Good Luck!


Mar 16, 2013

No security or any other updates on XP.

Why XP?
TRIM is not really a concern anymore, as modern SSDs are designed to recognize common filesystems like NTFS. They're able to detect when a file is deleted, and erase the corresponding NAND cells even if the OS doesn't tell them via TRIM.

The bigger issue with running XP is that it ceased getting security updates in 2014. Virtually every new hack you've read about in the last 4 years, XP is vulnerable to it and there are no security patches to fix it. If you need to run XP, I try to do it in a virtual machine. That way I can restore it to its original state via a snapshot when I'm done, erasing any incidental malware which may have infected it.

mrb 59

Jan 9, 2010
I keep Windows XP on an ssd dual booted with Ubuntu on one computer so I can play some older PC games that won't install on newer operating systems. Which is about all I use it for so I have it setup so it won' connect to the internet, so problems with catching anything. How to turn off connecting to internet if wanted:
Open the Control Panel. (From the Start button, select Settings, then select Contol Panel).

Select Network Connections.

Right-click on the icon for your computer's Wireless Network Connection.

To disable the wireless ethernet card, select Disable.

Close the Network Connections window.

To enable your wireless computer's wireless adapter, repeat steps 1-5; however, in step 4, select Enable when you right-click on the Wireless Network Connection.


Mar 6, 2017
hello all thanks for the quick responses the reason i have xp is for some older programs which despite my best efforts wont run on windows 7 and 10 which i have on my main pc a vm isnt really an option as i was just considering upgrade ideas for my old xp laptop i have been doing a lot of reading up on how to stay safe as is possible while yes absolutely like you say it aint the safest now a days but my main take away is that modern ssds dont really need trim then ? as for xp that must stay however i can abandon the ssd idea and search for a 2.5 inch hard drive however from my friends i have heard some horror stories saying the 10000rpm drives fail quicker than 7200rpm is there merit to this or just hysteria thank you so much guys


Jan 28, 2015
Kingston for example has a few SSDs that come in a bundle, allowing you to transfer everything to the SSD and has a few other tools in a CD.

These tools are often used by some brands, the company is Acronis if i'm not mistaken and the CD while it may have kignston brand on it, it's a simple CD that loads up the Acronis software, allowing you to do the swap from HDD to SSD.

Among the tools in it, there is triming, this means that if you are used to do a defrag on a HDD, then this process won't be all that different, all you need is to boot from the cd itself, navigate the menus and select triming, after 30 or so seconds thriming will be complete and you can now boot windows XP once again

SSD life isn't really affected, SSDs were problematic in the 1st few iterations that came out, now the life expectancy even without triming will likely surpass any other component in your system, not even in 10 years of daily use will you exaust the SSD.

Later version of windows do triming automatically, in XP you will need to go outside, boot the acronis software, do the triming and come back, it should take you no more than 5 minutes.