winxp driver problems


Dec 2, 2004
ok quick and dirty. I decided to upgrade my old machine. Bought a new mobo/proc/RAM and an OEM copy of WinXP.

system specs:
300w pwr supply
Athlon 64 3200+
1G PC3200 DDR400 ram
128mb GeForce FX5600 Ultra AGP 8x
mobo= ECS 755A2 v1.0
OEM WinXP w/ SP2

I installed everything, taking necessary precautions mind you, snug and made sure everything was attached right. I then installed winxp, i got to the desktop and changed my resolution from 800x600 to 1024x768. I then rebooted to begin installing my drivers and such, only to have it hang on the reboot, this was after POST and all, but before i get the winxp loading screen.

I tried to reboot in safe mode only to see it get hung on the file path of WINDOWS/system32/DRIVERS/gagp30kx.sys

No matter how i try and boot up, it always gets hung up... and i can't seem to format my hdd again, to reinstall windows. I've tried lowering all my BIOS settings, even loading the Default BIOS settings to no avail. I did a google search on the subject, found two others that had a similar problem, but they were able to access windows, their problem lied within playing a game. I can't even get to my desktop.

Anyone else have this problem? all help/recommendations will be greatly appreciated. In the mean time, i'll be trying to figure out a way to format my drive and re'install.