Wired connection with a wireless router



I will preface this post with the fact that I am a complete idiot when it comes to all things technology but I AM trying to read up on things and get better.

Without further ado: I was hoping you guys could give me a bit of help in regards to networking.

So basically, I live in an old and rather large home. I have Sky Broadband and the wireless router we got from them and set up is on our bottom floor. My wife and I's bedroom and my "man cave" is on the 3rd floor and as such the wireless signal is pretty patchy and for me being a massive gamer it is not ideal as I often get huge lag spikes in game.

We do, however, have a telephone line (old house, so old lines) in our bedroom and my "man cave". My question is whether I can access the internet from said telephone lines (because wired connections are better right?) and what pieces of hardware I would need to do so?

If I can't connect from the telephone lines, then what can I do? Running a line down the router (2 floors down) is hugely impractical.

I would like to apologize if my technology illiteracy has offended any of you and I fully expect to be berated (if the post receives any replies at all), however, I would like to thank anyone in advance who does offer any help/advice.
Years ago they use to have devices for running ethernet over phone lines, but that didn't work very well and died off.

What you might try is powerline adapters. They've gotten much better over the years in terms of reliability, performance, and price. But due to variations in home wiring, they don't always work well, or sometimes not at all. It's just one of those things you have to try and see what you get (and why it helps to buy them from a retailer w/ a good return policy).

There’s also MoCA (ethernet over coax). If you have coax running between the router and that room, this can work great. Ppl routinely report speeds near 10BaseT (100Mbps). Yes, you can use it concurrently w/ cable modem/TV, but usually not satellite TV. A bit more costly than powerline, but a good alternative if you need the additional performance and/or powerline doesn’t work for you.