[SOLVED] Wireless Keyboard only power up for a second


Jul 1, 2017
Hello my friend, i was buying a wireless keyboard mouse combo from philips 4 days ago online from its official store, and it finally came to my house this afternoon.

After opening it, i'm realizing the only thing working fine is the mouse. For the keyboard, it was only powered for a second, like when i put the battery in, num lock indicator turned on but suddenly off again. I've tried changing the battery with a new one but no luck. I'm calling the customer service and they are agreeing with my guarantee claim, but i need this keyboard and mouse as soon as possible for my semester exam. It took 4 days again for the returning and 4 days again for shipping back to my home and i dont get lot of time to wait.

Can i somehow fix this keyboard myself? I've hearing about people who add some aluminum foil on negative side of battery place, but i guess it's only for wireless keyboard that doesn't powered at all. For my case, the keyboard was powered only for a second, or maybe 2 second, and then just disappeared. Please help me so i can finally do my semester exam.

Thank you, happy work from home / study from home :)

*model of keyboard: philips C354 wireless and mouse combo.