Question Wireless pci card causing mouse and keyboard to freeze win 7


Apr 24, 2018
The wifi card in my Dell T5810 is causing the mouse and keyboard to stop working for 1 sec start stop then start again, 1 sec in between delays then after its complete it takes 1-5 mins to start again. When I used to have windows 10 pro this never happened but ever since Ive installed windows 7 ultimate its been happening since the first welcome screen, and thats before updating drivers, after updating, problem still persists, I figured out it was the wifi card causing this because, 1. when I click the wifi status bars on the bottom right it freezes for a sec then works. 2. when I disabled the wifi card in the device manager the mouse and keyboard never froze, I disabled "Allow this computer to disable the device to save power" (something like that) for all the usb drives including the wifi card, problem still persists, link link to the exact wifi card, strangest part was, it connects to the wifi with no problem just the keyboard and mouse stop working, it worked on my other win 7 ultimate pc with no problems. (mouse and keyboard are wired) Thanks
Probably driver conflict.
I would suggest you if you can find latest drivers of your Dell to update and re try with Wifi card.
I really dont know the software for driver updating (If you cannot find it on official page), someone of moderators suggested me here actually.