Wiring Overload?


Mar 15, 2005
Hello Everyone,

I have recently ordered 2 Sata Hdd's for my computer, I plan on putting raid on them. I also have 2 Hdd coolers for them as well.

My question is with the Hdd coolers, they have a female in and a male out power plug on them. Would it be ok for me to plug the power supply into the female in on the Hdd cooler and then plug my Hdd into the male out?

Or do you think that would be to much load on one power plug line? Plus do you think my Hdd's will get enough power to run correctly if I do this.

I have plently of power plugs, you think it be best to just plug each one into it's own plug from the PS?

Thanks for any help guys.

{updated 3-16-05}

Hey guys thanks for the help on this, to mabey make things a little clearer I drew a pic of what I am talking about.

Now which would be the best setup to use 1st or 2nd?

<A HREF="http://www.nsrealm.redirectme.net/HddSetup.jpg" target="_new">http://www.nsrealm.redirectme.net/HddSetup.jpg</A>


Dec 31, 2002
Ditto. Never share SATA power leads. Don't share coolers unless you absolutely need to. If, for some reason that power lead is faulty, your whole cooling system goes tits up.

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