witcher 3 ugly grass and trees

mhmd shoumar

Feb 11, 2015
Hi,i just buy the witcher 3 wild hunt but i'm facing a big problem which is that the grass and trees look really ugly and like 2d(trees) and the grass as if its a pastel art piece even when setting are maxed out,which really make the game unplayable.I'v post a forum before about it but they told me that it is because of the low res(1280*1024 native res)but when i searched i found that another guy is facing the same problem.
PLZ help...


With the the Witcher 3 resolution seems to be important. I play it @1080p on a 144hz monitor maxed and it doesn't look quite as good as it does @ 1440p on high-med settings(looks even better on a 1440p ips display or at 4k).
Which GPU do you have? If its Nvidia you can utilize DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) and render a higher res like 4K or 1440P and scale it back to your native res which should look noticeably better.

EDIT: If you have AMD you should be able to use VSR (Virtual Super Resolution) which is there version of Nvidia DSR.


Verify the game cache with steam if you have the steam version. Have you tried uninstalling/re-installing the game>? Yeah at 12X10 the grass and trees probably will be ugly, upgrade to a 1080p display the 960 is wasted at the 12X10 resolution.

I can tell you that at 1440p and 1080p the grass, trees, and environment look great!

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