Question Workstation multi GPU for Deep Learning

Mar 30, 2020
Hi, I would need a Workstation or similar to use multiple GPUs simultaneously for Deep Learning.

I currently have a Workstation with two nVidia 2080ti rtx nVidia, an Intel i7 9700k CPU and 64gb Ram. The 2080s are not in SLI as I use them to run two separate Deep Learning processes.

I would like to enlarge my configuration to maybe 5 GPUs and in the future even 10 GPUs connected to the same machine.

Ok the power supplies, but I don't know how to move around with the motherboards and any external racks to have more flexibility to add GPUs.

Could you give me a tip on which components to buy in order to have more GPUs on the same machine? Is it better to have a motherboard with different slots for GPUs (which I couldn't find, if you have some specific link or model I would be grateful) or a rack to put the GPUs to connect later to a motherboard?

Thank you all for your advice.
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