Question Worth switching from kraken x62 to a corsair aio because of cam?

Jul 20, 2019
Recently I upgraded my system with a new i7 9700k, 750w psu, z390 mobo and the kraken x62 cooler. And before I heard that cam was bad. But now I have read that it can turn off the fans randomly etc... My question is if it is worth returning the kraken and switch to a corsair aio instead. Or is cam fixed? I havnt experienced that many problems yet. But one time my chrome closed and didn't open until I upended cam. Many cams fault. Maybe a coincidence...


I ran Cam on my kraken X61 for better part of 7 years before the fans went bad (yes, the fans not the pump) and it ran basically 24/7/365. The only time I ever bothered with it was after a major windows update that would mess with the startup, but since those updates also messed with a couple other programs too, that was no big deal. Otherwise I just stuck it on Silent Mode and forgot it existed.

It's software. Therefore it's fallible. There isn't such a thing as flawless, bugless, perfect software. Someone will always find a bug, error, conflict as that's the nature of the vast multitude of different hardware and software run in ppl's pc's.

Millions of ppl run Cam everyday, with no issues. 1 or 2 posts about fans stopping or other errors are to be expected, but are not by any standards the norm.