[SOLVED] worth upgrading processor or full system?

Mar 9, 2022
my rig

i5 3470
asrock b75m
16gb ddr3
1tb seagate hdd

worth to upgrade to i7 3770 or get a new system with
i7 4770
32gb ddr3
500gb ssd
seagate 1tb( same hdd bcz i stored my work files to this hdd and i dont want to losing it)

and i can get
1060 6gb, gtx1650 (same price)
1070 8gb , 1660 6gb ( same price)
worth from gtx970?

*Main for Video editing *
thank you
If your workload requires 32GB of ram, then yes - upgrade to i7 4770 system.
Your current system supports 16GB max.

Upgrade to 1060 6gb, gtx1650 - not worth it. It has ~ the same performance as GTX 970.
GTX 1070 - may be.