Question Write Speed on NAS through 10gbe network


Jul 16, 2012
Hi guys,

I can't figure this out and need some help.

I have an Asustor Lockstore 8 NAS with a RAID 5 with 3 Seagate 16gb drives and beside that a m.2 Nvme Drive ( seagate Ironwolf 510 SSD ).

I have conected my laptop through a USB C 10gbe RJ45 adapter with a CAT 7 cable directly to the 10GBE port of the NAS.

I tested that conection with Iperf and i got 8.5gb bandwith or something like that.

Now when i try to write on the NAS i get 500mb/s writting speed on the RAID 5 mecanic HDDS and 1050 reading speed. I assumed the 500mb/s ( 580 maybe it peaked ) was the limit of the drives and the raid, so i set up a folder in the NVmE to get a "fast folder" where i can drop files at 1,1gb/s transfer speed.

On the nvme i only get 350mb/s and still 1050 Read speed

Anyone can guide me on how to improve that? i don't get how the Nvme can be slower than the raid 5 hdds and since i tested the adapter and cable through iperf i assume thats not the problem, also if im getting 1050 read speed i assume the network is ok, is that right?

can't really figure this out! thanks


I would delete the volume on the NVMe drives and then set up a read/write (not just read) cache like THIS and then retest your read and write speeds.

I assume that you have sufficient RAM to support the cache size that is required by the size of your NVMe drives as discussed in that link. Otherwise that would be an issue that could impact performance.

I am also assuming that you bought high quality CAT 7 cables and tested them with a CAT 7 capable tester, or have all the tools and knowledge specific to CAT 7 cable, which is a bit more difficult to work with than CAT 6A.