[SOLVED] XBOX 360 wired controller isn't recognised properly on Windows 10 (unspecified device) ?


Jul 9, 2019
Hi, I have an XBOX 360 wireless controller and I used the wire to connect it because I don't have the wireless adapter, so I connected it to USB port, and it's green light worked, when I opened Control Panel I found it in (Unspecified category) instead of (Devices category), steam and other games didn't read the controller. I tried to change driver from 2019 to 2009 driver without any difference. Steam downloaded a driver for it and that driver didn't work, The controller is working but Windows 10 isn't reading it as a named device and I can't play games with that controller.

I don't know anything in consoles because I don't have one, But I got my controller from a friend and I'm sure that controller working 100% on Xbox 360 with the wire
I want to make windows read my controller to play games on steam and other gaming platforms.
Sorry for my bad English, but what did I say is understandable I guess.
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That's because it's a charger cable, not a data cable. It will recharge your controller. You can't play with it. I know, dumb. I was mad when I found out.