[SOLVED] Xbox one x motherboard SATA power connection question


Oct 29, 2017
So I have an Xbox one X that seems to have some problems with its hdd connector cable and I want to create my own adapter.
Thus as i state in the title i am trying to understand what voltage each pin is carrying.

The motherboard hdd power connection is this. And the cable going in there is this this. So there are 4 pins and 4 cables, 2 white and 2 black. Those 4 pins go to this 15 pin SATA power connector, but there are only 7 pins there.
The first 5 pins are not there, then 7 are there and the last 3 are also not there. Based on this image all I have is 1 Ground, 3 5VDC and 3 ground connections (ordered by the way they are seen) and there are no 12v connections. Can a disk even work without these?

So what I want to do is take a molex to SATA adapter. Remove the molex connector and connect the right cables on the Xbox one x motherboard. If anyone has any insight it will be very welcome.
The way I see it the Xbox one x motherboard gives out 2 ground connections and 2 5V connections.

Thanks in advance for your help!