Xeon Quad Core - Motherboard Matching...


Jan 5, 2010
With the following cpu, I am looking for a dual processor motherboard for a workstation application.

I haven't been able to locate one with the same front side bus.

Can it be run with a slower front side bus for a performance hit? How can I find a single or dual processor board for this which will support it?

I was attempting to do a dual processor eight core setup but cannot find anything outside a server motherboard for it, and my tiny office would not support the noise or heat without echo or burns.

Thanks in advance!

* Processor Manufacturer: Intel
* Processor Core: Quad-core
* Clock Speed: 1.86GHz
* Front Side Bus: 1066MHz
* L2 Cache: 8MB
* Processor Socket: Socket 604
Newegg have none for that CPU. You need a compatible motherboard like the Supermicro X7QC3 (a bit expensive). For what the CPU is worth (less than $100 on eBay) and it's performance if you only use one, I wouldn't bother. If you'll use 4 CPUs, then it might be worth it if you can find a used motherboard, but a single Nehalem might be as fast or faster.