Xfire hd 7950

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Dec 30, 2012
Hi guys is me again.

My rig:

psu : gs700
gpu : XFX hd 7950 double d at 900mhz (12.11 beta)
cpu: i5 3570k 3.4 ghz , turbo 3.8 ghz(stock turbo)
mobo: GA z77x u3dh
ram: 16GB

win 7 ultimate x64

I am a very ungrateful person, after using this setup for a month, although it is 99% smooth, I have ran into sub 20 fps in bf3 under extreme smoke loading and explosion on my screen with maxed out setting (4x msaa, ultra, and 1920x 1080) in worst case scenario. The same thing had happened to me before when I had the 660 ti (which i traded for 7950).

It does not happen often, I play bf3 daily on tank maps and the last time i have a 22 fps was 2 days ago(which I think the 660 ti i generally don't fall down to 28 fps, so 660 ti seems to handle bf3 better).

ANYWAY, I think this is just the limitation on the gpu themselves, so I have been thinking, after my first internship this summer, I'm going to reward myself with another 7950 for xfire.

so, I would like to know if my gs700 psu will be able to handle that bad boy, or should i trade my 7950 and tag on some extra $$ for a better card.

Alternatively, should i just be grateful with 7950 and wait for driver update?

Not open for further replies.