XP v. 2k


Dec 31, 2001
I have noticed that I love ther visual settings that Windows 98SE has. I hate how XP's menu is, seems that everything is Fisher Price version of Win2k. But, it has the compatibility that I need for the Microsoft Intellimouse Optical. So my question is:
For a gamer toting a Athlon XP1700+,512MB DDR RAM, 7200RPM ATA 133 Maxtor HDD,SB PCI 512 sound card, Nvidia GeForce 3 Ti500 64MB DDR Video card, all on a Soyo KT333 Dragon Lite motherboard, Windows 2k or Windows XP? I like the familiar and easy use of the windows 98 and 2k, versus the "user friendly" Windows XP. I think the onyl reason Microsoft made WinXP is so that clones such as Dell and Compaq could distrubute a very user friendly version of windows for the computer illeterate. I hate how the Start menu is, and the control panel. But does Windows XP offer any real towering advantages over Win2k? I am leaning towards Win2k because I understand that it also has the 5 button optical mouse compatibility that XP conatins. Any input?

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Oct 11, 2001
with a couple clicks and settings you can make the menus, start button, and control panel just like it was in 2k. the search too. the fact that they got a little dog to find my files for me really pisses me off.

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