Yonah Preview: Part II


Dec 16, 2004
Too bad they didn't test the 2.16GHz one or tried to overclock to 2.33GHz, I wanted to really see what the real potential was. The 2GHz seems pretty evenly matched with a X2 3800+ or a X2 4000+ if it existed.

They leveled the playing field for the AMD's and the Pentium M in the comparison but they still kept the Yonah at a disadvantage though. They really aught to use dual channel DDR2 667 RAM so that Yonah could run synchronously with its 667FSB. Since its a desktop 945G Viiv platform they're using, they could have easily used Cosair TWIN2X1024A-5400UL 3-3-2-8 RAM to milk out as much performance as possible. The high 4-4-4-12 latency of the DDR2 533 RAM they used on Yonah put it at a disadvantage compared to the low latency 2-2-2-7 RAM they used for the X2.

My preference is the 1.83GHz LV Yonah since it'll offer sufficient performance with even longer battery life but it won't probably be available until Q2. The 1.66GHz LV is just too slow.