your 2 cents please


Dec 29, 2001
Hey peeps!

Long time since I posted last, but still here to read daily. :D

Anyway, going to put together a new box for gaming and lan party only.
So I need your two cents.

<A HREF="" target="_new">Shuttle SB75G2</A>
Intel P4 3.0GHz C [800] 512K
CORSAIR 400MHZ DDR NO-ECC 1G TWINX PRO (or maybe the 500MHz in case I can o/c the setup?)

The only thing I will have for sure is the Shuttle barebone, the CPU and RAM is up for a debate. Not sure if the Shuttle take more than a 3GHz 200FSB, will read up on it later when I get home from work. So for now I have no idea about o/c.


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Here's my 2¢

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Do not be afraid of failure, for this is how we learn and grow...
Live life to the fullest...
Do not regret what you have not yet done!!!


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