Question Z370 Gaming pro carbon AC Driver installation order after clean install of windows 10


Oct 6, 2017
Hi, so I'm planning to clean install windows soon. Before doing so, I'll update to the latest BIOS since clean install wont revert BIOS update.

I'll install windows on my M.2 SSD using Rufus to get UEFI, GPT and AHCI setup.

After I did all that, I want to install my Motherboard Driver...

Heres a list of the Driver:

LAN Driver:
Network Driver (plan to Install)
WIFI driver (not planning to install it, Will disable or Wont use)
Bluethooth Driver (not planning to install it, Will disable or Wont use)

System & Chipset:
Chipset Driver (plan to install)

Intel Management Engine Driver (Plan to install it)
Intel Software Guards Extensions (not planning to install it, Will disable or Wont use)

Sata Driver:
Intel Rapid Storage Technologie
(plan to install it)

VGA Driver:
Intel VGA Driver
(not planning to install it, I'll be using my 1080TI driver)

Audio Driver:
Realtek HD universal
Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Which one should I get between the 3? I was thinking of the 3rd one since I think its the default one and I'll be using Astro a40 TR with mixamp and its gonna use his own preset,

Of course I'll install GPU driver and other stuff after...

So I told you guys which one I plan to install and which one I dont... I'm i doing a good choice? If not, which one should I add or remove? After That, I what order should I install them? I heard I should Install SATA driver first, then Chipset and all the other after that, is that true?