Question Z490 tomahawk no boot samsung nvme 970 evo plus 500gb

Jan 8, 2021
good afternoon everyone and happy new year

I purchased in October 2020
msi z490 tomahawk with nvme samsung evo plus 970 1tb and hdd 3.5 "1tb sataIII.
installation: nvme mounted on m2_1 and ssd on sata port3.

I omit the other components because they do not concern the problem.

the system worked for about 1 week then the famous NO BOOT:
bios did not see the nvme disk but only the sata disk on port3 (used only for photos / videos) ... so as if the nvme disk was dead ... but I did not believe it
so moved to port m2_2 and magically the system booted regularly. the bios saw the nvme disk on port m2_2.
samsung magician sotware did not find any errors on the disk ... fully functional

so I started the return of the motherboard which was immediately replaced with a new one.

just arrived, I reassembled everything and so finally the system worked for about 2 months .... yesterday no boot again
dead disk ... I enter the bios and can't see the nvme disk. reboot and magically restarts.

now it is working correctly!

maybe wrong configuration in the bios?
waiting for your reply .... THANKS