[SOLVED] Z97 Extreme4 NVME shows in Bios but not Hard drv

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May 31, 2014
When I add my new Intel 670P to motherboard and boot it tries to boot from the NVME instead of from my Hard drive.

Under Boot Options it shows Intel SSDPEKNU01012
Nothing else. No hard drive and no dvd drive.

When I pull the NVME off from the motherboard
it boots the normal way with Boot Options Hard drive and Dvd drive.

I want to boot off hard drive and also have the NVME available so I can clone the hard drive onto the nvme.
After I do that I want to pull the hard drive off and boot from the NVME from then on.

I have 2.60 revision.
SATA controller set to AHCI
Don't have motherboard manual but will try to find one.
Will try to find setting that disables ports when using NVME.

Found setting labeled
M2_1/Sata 3_4, Sata 3_5 Switch Auto
Force Sata
Force M.2

Will try that also

what that means is you can either use an nvme drive OR sata ports 4 & 5. check to see where your sata hdd is plugged in. most likely it is in one of those 2 ports. so it is disabled when nvme is installed, thus it does not see the hdd and can't boot.

plug the hdd into a different sata port other than 4 or 5 and...