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Al wrote:
> Getting a ZChat.dll error when I tried to download the zone

Are you using Windows 95? If so, you'll get that error and there's no

If another version of Windows, delete the damaged file from the Zone's
\Temp folder. If that doesn't help:

Any Zone file can be downloaded from the following site but the site
can't be browsed.

Paste http://fdl.msn.com/zone/datafiles/ in your location bar then add
the name of the file you can't "update" to the end. Download the file,
place it in the Zone's \Temp folder, then reenter the Zone. It will be
installed. (You can save the decompressed version of the file if you

An example would be http://fdl.msn.com/zone/datafiles/zone.za_ or

The underscore might be removed from the file as it's saved to disk. If
so, edit the filename to add the _ and/or to remove the .txt extension
that's added.

Some browsers/news readers mistakenly show the download as text. It
looks like gibberish at the bottom of the post or browser. If this
happens, you should be able to click File, Save Attachment (or File,
Open Attachment, File Save As) and save them to the correct folder. This
depends on the browser and whether you were emailed the attachment or
you clicked a link to it. Some browsers will only let you save it as
..txt or HTML. If so, you can change the name to "zone.za_" with the
quotes (example filename) then the file will save without the extension.

AC files can be downloaded from:



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