News Zotac's Fanless ZBOX C Series PCs Gain Alder Lake-P Ups

Love to see a smackdown with the AMD Ryzen 7 6800U -- or a new 7000-series mobile APU.

Zotac used to have some sweet ZBOX Series with AMD ___ but it looks like they are lovin' on some Chipzillah, now, exclusively.
Cool an AMD apu fanless?
I've got 8- or 9-year old C-Series Nano with an APU __ it punk'd the "Atoms" of it's time. I think Anand did an article at the time. Maybe an 8-watt '5200 APU' ??

At 28-watts, those Ryzens can cut that as much as 35- to 40-percent in the wattage department, BUT the one single Zotac I can find is a Ryzen 3 __ not sure what series it is ...

I thinks it be an exclusive deal -- there are a boat-load of 'em from Zotac in all flavors. Except AMD.
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