Fortnite Battle Royale - Retail Row Chest Locations


Jul 18, 2018
Retail Row is a medium sized town that has a few houses, restaurants and shops. It is located near Dusty Divot and the Lonely Lodge at the east side of the map.

It usually has 18 chests and that is a huge amount for someone who knows their locations. So have a look at the locations of the chests below:

Area 1:
There are three houses in the first area. All of them are wrapped around the Number 1 in the map. You can find up to 6 chests in total in this area. There are two chests in each building. The house to the east, you will find a chest in the attic and one above the garage. Similarly, in the house at the west, you will find two chests, one above the garage and one above the attic. While in the building to the south, you will find one chest in the basement. It will be buried inside a basement and the second chest will be in the attic.

Area 2:
Moving on to the second area that is marked with Number 2. There are a total of five chests in this area. This area has two houses. In the first house that is towards the west, you will find two chests. The first chest will be inside the attic like most of the buildings of this area while the second chest will be one floor down and in the southwest corner. Now go to the second house and you will find three chests there. Two of the chests will be found inside roof sections while the third chest will be inside a dog kennel that is just outside of the house.

Area 3:
The area marked as Number 3 is the retail section that has ships and restaurants. You are likely to find a total of six chests in this area. There will be two chests at the most northern building. The first chest will be inside the biggest building in the northeast corner that is quite high up. While the second jest in the back of the truck outside the building. You can find a total of three more chests in the row of different shops towards the east. One chest can be located in the northwest corner while you can find the other two chests in the smaller building that is at the southeast part of the Retail Row. The chests are on the separate floors. There is another chest in this area, it will be at the top of the water tower. It is better if you land there as it is quite high.

These are all the places where you can find chests in Retail Row. The area has a lot of chests and if you are the first one to land there, you can get away with a decent amount of loot.

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