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  1. Feature AMD Athlon vs Intel Pentium: Which Cheap Chips Are Best?

    20 years ago, AMD's Athlons and Intel's Pentiums were performance CPUs. Today, these brands are relegated to entry-level options. But which is better? Read more here. KEVIN CARBOTTE @kcarbotte Kevin Carbotte is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He writes news and reviews of graphics...
  2. bibeksaha

    Question Should I upgrade my 2015 computer?

    Hi! Everyone. I had bought a PC computer in the late 2015. The components are Gigabyte GA-H81-S, Intel Pentium DC G3240 3.1 GHZ, 4 GB DDR3 1600 RAM and 500 GB SATA HDD. Now I plan to upgrade the RAM to 8 GB, add 240 GB m.2 SATA SSD and add a graphics card Nvidia GT 710 for visual improvements. I...
  3. B

    Question Is the pentium q9400 good in 2019?

    So, i have a very old pc . I don't have the budget to get an entirely new pc so I'm only gonna upgrade the cpu a little bit and deck out on gpu. My current specs are Cpu: pentium dual core e5300 Mobo: gigabyte g41m combo Ram:4gb I wanna upgrade to q9400 (or q6600 or q8400) which cost less...
  4. G

    Question Asus ROG PG27UQ 4K 120/144Hz

    I'm considering the ROG PG27UQ 4K HDR 120/144hz. I currently have the Alienware AW3418 UW 1440p which can OC to 120hz. I have had very little use with UW and the games I play and figure I can get more out of 4K HDR and >100hz. For example, I play primarily FFXIV and I notice on my UW I can be on...
  5. R

    Question Good pc build

    Im looking for a good pc build that is great for streaming games and maybe editing too. My budget is around €1300. The best would be if all the parts could be shipped to The Netherlands. Any body got some ideas? (I would prefer ryzen cpu but intel is also fine) Thanks in advance!
  6. Question GPU Temperature

    I checked drivers. This is idle mode. When im playing games this is going normal
  7. kevincease

    Question Third Gpu in my board.... how can one fit it in this slot?

    hello! Im currently using a ASUS 399-e mobo and I'm running a Titan RTX and a 1080ti. Im waiting for a second Titan RTX in the mail.... I'd love to know how anyone uses this third slot way down at the bottom, when not only would it cover the qCode, but this is where all the fans and headers...
  8. TruckerBuck

    Question Blue Screen 1050Ti

    So I've got this Strix GTX 1050TI and for the life of me I can't figure out why it's blue screening every 10-30 mins of being on. The light blinks orange when it's running fine but the second that light turn blue it blue screens and obviously nothing works. I've tried reapplying thermal paste in...
  9. F

    Question GTA5 Settings 1050TI - i3 8100

    Hello good people of Toms Hardware. I am kind of new to PC gaming and don't know a lot about graphics settings. I will list my specs down below. Thanks everyone. Have a great rest of the day. I use MVGA Graphics but i have still bad graphics... Click here for the Bad Graphics Images Specs...
  10. U

    Question 2k display over a fullhd one with more hz? VN vs TN

    Hello fellows! I would like to ask you today a few questions. 1. Would it be worth to buy a 2K monitor 27" 144hz 1ms over a fullhd 144hz(or 144-240hz) 27" 1ms one? I have a maximum budget of 375USD for one and i am going to mainly play LoL, Fortnite, Cs go and occasionally nfs, apex and other...
  11. ICrosbyI

    Question Reinstalled Windows 10 - New CPU Cooler and Case -- Still getting VERY HIGH usage in task manager. How do I fix?

    Hey all, first things first, here is specs. i7 - 8700k (bought early summer 2018) EVGA GTX 1070 (late 2016) Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 3000 RAM (early summer 2018) Gigabyte Z370XP Mobo (replaced same board in late 2018) Cooler Master MasterCase H500 ATX (just installed yesterday to try and fix...
  12. T

    Question Is this a motherboard issue?

    This morning, I get up and use my computer with no problems. Later, I leave and come back to find my monitor displaying “DisplayPort no signal”. My monitor is a ASUS VG248QE and the no signal problem is common and the usual solution is to unplug the monitor’s power cable and plug it back in. I...
  13. J

    Question Need help! How could i hook up my 5.1 surround a amazon fire stick 4k?

    So i have a Jamo 5.1 surround system hooked up to my sony sdr de515 amp. Its quite old so no HDMI or anything like that only RCA out. At the moment i just have a rca left and right to aux into my laptop and stream 4k stuff through there on my...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] Big fan vs small fan on graphics cards regardubg noise

    I'm looking for a GT 1030 graphics card. There are some models with a small fan (like this) and some with big a bigger fan (like this). The problem is (beside the microATX case and a weak 320 psu) is my monitor: it only has a vga port, so i either get the Zotac GT 1030 or get a hdmi-vga adapter...
  15. S

    Question Is it possible to get virus in you GPU

    Hy i want to know it is possible to have virus on GPU's?
  16. S

    Question Does 660s motherboard supports dual channel ram

    I have a dell 660s motherboard.I want to install a dual channel ram on it but cannot find if my motherboard support it, Neither cant find that in the manual. But I saw and found that there are two ram slots on my pc.Can anyone tell me if dual channel ram is supported on my pc. I wish to buy this...
  17. Rafayat Rahman

    Question My pc frequently restarts.

    Hi guys! So I'm facing this complex problem with my pc for a few years now. It might sound simple: the PC automatically restarts! When? It might be any time! Is there any pattern? No, no fucking pattern, which freaks me out the most! Sometimes, it might not restart for 2-3 days, sometimes it...
  18. X

    [SOLVED] Pc keeps crashing

    My pc keeps crashing for some odd reason. Some games it would ctd like siege and Apex and after that my pc full out just kept on turning off. Specs: Ryzen 3 2200g Msi pro series b450 Corsair vengeance lpx 2666mhz 8 gb ram Msi armor oc rx 570 8gb Evga 500 b1 80+ bronze
  19. Zorozephyr09

    [SOLVED] New Graphics Card, CPU Overclocking and Need for Additional CPU Cooling?

    Hey, So my system has been a bit overdue for a hardware upgrade, and after researching different gpus on the market, I set myself on replacing my current GTX 650 ti with the GTX 1660 ti (quite the performance boost, ik). However, with my processor being an intel core i5-2500k, I was beginning...
  20. D

    Question Weird white flicking on my Monitor

    So since a few days i get a weird white flickering(screen turns completely white for a split second, almost not noticable), every idk maybe 15-20 min. I checked the internet but only found stuff, that should fix the monitor flicking when its constantly flicking without a break but nothing on my...