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  1. R

    RX 570 no display although compatible

    I bought an RX 570, Installed it properly, Checked for compatibility and driver issues, reinstalled Windows. And for some anomaly it doesn’t boot, it just stays on with my display alerting me of the res and refresh rate but no display. Bios were updated but I think my PC only accepts Nvidia...
  2. K

    [SOLVED] Choosing The "Rigth" Case

    Hello! I have a bit of a problem. First of all this is my first ever forum thread so if i fork up something please be patient, thank you verry much. My Motherboard is an Asus Rog Maximus X hero and i have 16 gb of Corsair Vengeance RGB pro ddr4 3200 mhz ram and a cooler Master ML 240 RGB AIO and...
  3. F

    [SOLVED] PC too loud.

    I've had my setup in it's current config for a little while now, however I just bought some new headphones with a more open back design so I'm noticing my PC noise when beforehand it would have never bothered me. Issue is smart fan control on my mobo for the cpu fan header is literally doing...
  4. C

    [SOLVED] GA AB-350 Gaming3 Posting, but no visuals

    I have a Gigabyte AB-250 Gaming 3 motherboard, with a Ryzen 3 1200 CPU installed and Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000 MHz RAM (2x4 GB) The system posts (I hear a single normal short beep from the speaker, and the hard drives spin up, but nothing is ever displayed on HDMI output. I've tried...
  5. edifice

    [SOLVED] Resident Evil 2 Remastered

    Hi, Just D/loaded this and no issues with the actual game, it's marvellous!! Just that there doesn't appear to be a way to quit back to desktop. Anyone got any ideas please!? Many thanks!!!
  6. D

    How to connect TCL tv to Bluetooth speaker?

    Hi is there a way to connect my LG Bluetooth speaker to the TCL tv ( U55P6006X1) . It says smart tv , but I haven’t found any way to set it up in the settings ! Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. K

    watermarks on monitor

    so I cleaned my monitor with a towel and water and now when I have something white on my screen, it shows the stupid watermark (the different colors and stuff) on some spots. how could I remove this since I've already tried with dry towel
  8. B

    No OS is able to be installed

    The situation is the following, as I try to install any OS on the said laptop it always seem to be able to get me an error message or a black screen, most OSes don't even go past the "loading black screen" and even if some manage to do it, like Windows, it gets to a part where I get a corrupted...
  9. Q

    Acer aspire wont load windows

    Hi everyone,I need your acer aspire touch screen E5-471P wont load the windows jst stays blank after loading past acer screen.
  10. C

    wifi capability is off on acer aspire one

    Wifi capibility is off on acer aspire one
  11. V

    [SOLVED] Should I upgrade my system to get a better gaming experience?

    Hello, I have had this pc for over 3 years and it has been doing me well! I want to upgrade my computer to be able to play games like Escape from Tarkov or Arma 3 at a High/Ultra 1080p. I noticed that with my current build I can't do that and just kind of have to run these games at a low/medium...
  12. L

    [SOLVED] Can this psu power a rx470 8 fh4?

    So I'm thinking for a new power supply because my cant give enough power ti my GPU so I'm thinking can a PSU be quiet system power 9 500W 80 plus bronze power a RX 470 8GB ? My specs are: CPU: I5-4460 PSU: ZALMAN ZM700-LX MOTHERBOARD: GIGABYTE B85-HD3-A GPU: Look up above
  13. Y

    25 % bottleneck is bad?

    My CPU is Intel Core i3 7100 and GPU is 1060 3GB. bottleneck calculator said 25 % bottleneck. Do I have to change my CPU? Is it bad?
  14. M

    Gaming PC (£1900) to check

    This is my idea of perfect budget gaming pc for me. Should I change anything or maby there are cheaper options to go? I want to play on 3440x1440 resolutions. PSU - EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2, Full Modular, 80 PLUS Gold, SLI/CrossFire, Single Rail, 62.4A, 140mm Fan, ATX PSU CPU COOLER - NZXT...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 Ending,38435.html If you guys are not aware then you might want to read this article.
  16. C

    [SOLVED] Scan for rogue Powerline (Ethernet over Power)

    I found one physically and removed it but haven’t found the other after physically searching two floors in an office building. The VoIP phone installers deny it. The ad kiosk company denies it. They’re the only two with access to the LAN switch other than me. I need a scanner. I guess since...
  17. M

    monitor won't show any signal when installing a new gpu

    hi there. I upgraded my gtx 750ti to an Rx 570 and deleted all GPU drivers with ddu and when I installed the Rx 570 my monitor will show a black screen and then I installed my gtx 750ti back to my motherboard and it shows signal without any problems and I have a good PSU I don't know why is that...
  18. I

    Problem installing driver component.

    I am trying to install radeon driver 19.9.1 for my RX 460 video card. I am getting a error in events viewer with code 0xC00000E5 for amdkmdap. It says that amdkmdap had a problem starting. I have tried turning off windows security services using regedit and my Avast antivirus. Also I do not have...
  19. M

    PC feels way choppy even on normal usages, gaming as well.

    Hello guys, my PC feels very choppy even when I'm typing this message right now, even when I set my games on minimum the graphics feels very weird and no smoothness at all. What would the reason be? Even when I play any game on lowest settings, the game feels choppy. Even CSGO which used to run...
  20. J

    [SOLVED] non-gaming Ryzen 2200G build?

    I have a Ryzen 2200G chip (long story). I need to build a productivity PC around it. It will be used almost entirely productivity, no expected gaming. No video or photo editing likely. I need to figure out a good: 1) microATX mobo 2) Ram 3) SSD (120-240g should be more than enough) I'm...
  21. V

    cpu for new system

    hey guys i'm planing to upgrade my ddr2 2007 system here are my option g4900 and a up to date system another way for the same price is to buy a 2nd hand i5 either 2400 or 3450 price for 3450 and g4900 are the same while 2400 is 13_14% lower by chosing those i5s i can get a mobo for 1/3 price...
  22. H

    Whea un correctable error

    Hello I heard that enabling intel hd graphic (igpu) can help dedicated gpu processing and cause increasing performance in i went onto my bios and enabled multi monitor igd then I restarted my pc then i went to intel’s website and downloaded intel graphic driver then I installed it and...
  23. D

    [SOLVED] Is there a device that can relay/extend a Bluetooth signal?

    Hi all. Is there a device that can relay/extend a Bluetooth signal? This device could be either powered or unpowered. I have Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth headphones, but their range is limited. A device that could relay/extend a Bluetooth signal would allow me to use Bluetooth...
  24. N

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 boot errors.

    Hey guys, I've run into a problem, i ordered a new HDD which i picked up today, so i was gonna plug it in but had to move my boot drive (samsung 850 evo SSD) so i unplugged it, moved it and plugged it back in, i was then gonna plug in my new HDD but i had ran out of spots to plug it in, so i...
  25. coolnate390

    Windows crashes when using different monitor

    I sometimes move my PC to the living room to play games with friends, however often windows will crash and go in a bsod loop averaging 20 seconds after boot. Bsods show multiple errors including MEMORY MANAGEMENT, SYSTEM THREAD NOT HANDELED, and what failed: win32k.sys or something like that...
  26. T

    Idle Temp Too High

    This is a benchmark of my laptop sitting at idle in a room temperature room. I don't have many processes going on and there are no games running. The only things active are steam, GPUZ and this chrome browser. The temps on my GPU are so high that even sitting at idle the thing has become...
  27. H

    Bringing Vengeance LPX (CMK32GX4M2B3200C16 ) to 3200Mhz with Ryzen 2700x

    Hey guys, I am trying my best to bring this ram up to its speed but I keep failing. The ram code is CMK32GX4M2B3200C16 . It's 2 slots of 16GB each one. The mobo is the Asrock x470 Taichi. What I see in the BIOS is: The current speed according to CPU-z is 1066 Mhz.. what's going wrong?
  28. P

    [SOLVED] EVGA CLC AIO header help

    Hello, I am currently working on a new build, and am working with an aio for the first time. Unfortunately, the fact that the aio I bought (evga clc 240mm) uses a USB 2.0 header slipped past me. My motherboard (asus h270i) of course does not have a USB 2.0 pin. The aio only uses 4 pins from...
  29. N

    Need to Upgrade on a budget and in steps

    Hello everyone, I built a somewhat decent pc a few years ago on a budget that I used for last gen gaming. I'm looking at upgrading in steps as I don't have a lot of money right now. I'm going to do 1 upgrade every quarter for this year. I primarily use this PC for gaming and would like to be...
  30. D

    OptiPlex 960 Upgrades

    I currently have a OptiPlex 960 MT This One ( ) Looking for the best upgrades in CPU and Graphics card and RAM for this. Looking for mild gaming on it. I would like to also stream on it or I have a 755 I could dedicated...
  31. L

    What PSU to buy

    my budget allows for theese PSUs Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W Seasonic Eco 430 (I am worried about having two 12v rails) EVGA 500 W1 CoolerMaster Elite V3 230V 600W Corsair CX Series CX450 CoolerMaster MasterWatt Lite 500W What seems the best for pentium g4560 8GB DDR4 RX 570 4GB
  32. J

    [SOLVED] Deepcool Power supply

    deepcool high efficiency and aerocool power supplies are they good power supply or high quality?
  33. J

    Power line adapter for PS4

    I currently get about 50-250 ping sometimes 1000 if my family is on the internet, if I get a tp link av600 powerline adapter and a 10 foot cat 7 Ethernet cable how much lower will my ping be?
  34. D

    [SOLVED] Weird WiFi connectivity

    I have an Apple Mac connected wirelessly to my Sky router and easily get from 10mbs upwards. I have just purchased a custom built Windows 10 based PC and it sits next to it. The PC has a older dongle fitted that I had already (TPLINK AC600). Sometimes I get 10mbs but more often less than 1. I...
  35. B

    [SOLVED] Are this gpu legit ?
  36. L

    Got my MSI GTX 1050 Ti Gaming X to 1974MHz?

    Is it a good score? I heard people mostly get 1911MHz, so I wanted to ask on here if I did something wrong or if I just got lucky? I've been using MSI Afterburner and benchmarking with Superposition 1080p High. After I tried to go over 2000MHz, the benchmark crashed.
  37. A

    [SOLVED] Computer Boots Without Graphics Card - GTX 1080

    Hello, I have installed my EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 into my motherboard and have connected it to a CIT Active 85 500W PSU. When I boot my PC and have the HDMI in the GPU, nothing appears on screen but if I connect it to the PC HDMI, the PC works as usual. There is no sign that the GPU is working...
  38. D

    RTX, worth the risk

    Is it risky buying a rtx 2080 ti with the rumors that some die much faster than others?
  39. H

    is it possible? This is my build, i was wondering if i would be able to fit a normal 1070 ti in there even though i have a micro mobo for less noise and more over clocking potential would that work?
  40. B

    [SOLVED] Best GPU for this system

    Hi guys, I am looking for a VGA GPU to go with my current system. I don't mind buying used one. Mostly, I play PES & FIFA. I need one that won't be bottlenecked and has the best p/p. - Cooler Master Thunder 450W - Pentium G3450 3.4 Ghz - Main H81 Asrock-DGS R2.0 - RAM 1 x 8GB Gskill - HDD...