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  1. Skulcar

    Question NVIDIA 3080 eGPU on MacBook Pro 2017. Is it worth?

    Hi there! I have a big question bothering me and I thought I could find an answer here 🙏🏻 I recently received an unexpected news: I have to go abroad for at least two or three months for work, although I just bought a new pc with a fantastic Nvidia Asus Tuf 3080. My goal was to properly enjoy...
  2. Vijju1306

    Question ryzen 7 2700x vs 5 3600x for rendering

    Hi guys! I'm from India and new to this forum. I'm planning to upgrade my pc build. I do architectural models in and walkthrough rendering. I am confused between ryzen 5 3600x and ryzen 7 2700x. Should I consider more cores and threads of 2700x (higher TDP - 105W) or...
  3. V

    [SOLVED] Overclocking on MSI Tomahawk Z490 with 10900K

    Hi Guys, I am about to build a brand new gaming pc, I am going pretty high-end and am currently just waiting for the arrival of the RTX 3000 series (or whatever it is going to be called). The rest of my build consists of a 10900K, MSI Z490 Tomahawk and a NZXT X63 Kraken cooler. Since I am...
  4. S

    Question Intel Xeon Processors are better than core i series for desktop workstation ?

    Intel Xeon Processors are better than core i series for desktop workstation ? Which Xeon Processors are latest (2019-2020)and budget friendly (500$ or Less ) for 3D Production, VFX and Animation ?
  5. B1NARE

    Question Are my CPU cores broken?

    Hi, so i had problems with pc (i was getting BSOD's very often) so i practically replaced every component one by one (RAM,PSU,MOBO,GPU) but it still continued. So logically thought it had to be CPU right? I heard that CPU's are most likely not at fault. So i tried disabling 2 cores (trought...
  6. Y

    Question Blue Screen Of Death due to overclock speed?

    I bought this Acer Laptop a year ago. But it got some issues since I brought it and haven't been solved till now. I experience a lot of Blue Screen of Death if I start using heavy software like Adobe Premiere Pro , photoshop or any other game. I have not over clocked cpu of this laptop as there...
  7. A

    Question Nvidia control panel not saving power management

    Hey Today i noticed that my power management is always on max performance and this caused high idle temp (65c) I tried to change it to optional , after i pressed apply nothing happened, i monitored core and memory clock , core was on 1404 on idle and memory on 4006 idle i mean no application was...
  8. S

    Question High temps while rendering

    Hello all! I've had a question regarding my CPU which reaches an extremely high temperature while under stress (rendering, benchmarks,..). I have an Intel Core I7 8700k with a cooler master ML360R rbg and a decent airflow. My Idle temps are approx 34-36 degrees celcius, but whenever I render...
  9. H

    Trade macbook pro 2017 for a dell xps 13 9370?

    I have a dual core i5 macbook pro 2017 8gb ram, is it worth trading it for a dell xps 9370, I will also pay an added £100. I am worried as macbooks are more realiable and the dell xps has never had issues aparently and is mint condition. I am a computer science student so 16gb of ram and 512gb...
  10. LiamiskoTechDude

    Question Amd x4 750K quad core

    hey guys i was just wondering if the AMD accusation ,about false amount of cores in their processors, applies to this CPU as well because i was searching thru their site and it says that this CPU is quad core and it has got 4 cores and 4 threads but it has got only 2 physical core and 4 logical...
  11. A

    [SOLVED] CPU Core temperatures are considerably higher than CPU overall.

    So before I begin, here is my setup (built in 2014, please don't judge, I'm poor): Asus Z97-K Intel Core i5 4690k 3.5GHz Quad Core 2 x 8GB Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 1866MHz 2 x 8 GB Samsung (some generic) DDR3 ????MHz (Currently running at 1600MHz) Asus GeForce GTX 750 Ti OC 2GB So my issue...
  12. J

    [SOLVED] What Laptop for 4-6 x 2K monitors

    Just curious if anyone had any recommendations for laptop/docking station/monitor combos that could run 4-6 external 2K monitors? I was thinking one of the new Dell XPS 15 i9 8 core processor laptops or would I even need that much power??? For the monitors I was thinking I could even run 4 wide...
  13. denimpawell

    Question i5-3320m vs N5000 for everyday use

    Hello all, I am thinking of buying a cheap laptop with Pentium N5000 but I also have 6 year old laptop with i5 3320m, x230. In terms of CPU performance, n5000 works better than 3320m? I usually watch youtube and play league of legends. I checked cpubenchmark website, n5000 looks better by...
  14. Question Cpu maxes out at 81% or 91%

    My cpu maxes out at 81% or 91% usage and i dont know what causes it i have a 700w psu and the power settings are turned up to max its not the temp Please any help? Specs: Cpu: Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83 (OC 3,65Ghz) Mobo: Asus Rampage Xtreme Gpu: Gtx 780 Ghz edition 3gb Psu: Thermaltake 700w
  15. ZzhoxX

    [SOLVED] Upgrade I7 5820K

    Hello there people! Have my i7 5820k since some years ago, almost 4 more and less, I keep with it the x99 deluxe motherboard (good combo) and I was wondering if it's worth to upgrade that to nowadays stuff like for example a i9 9900k and Asus Rog Maximus Hero XI of course for the very first...
  16. Pcstarter

    Question only one core working after windows update

    hey! So I just did the new Windows cumilative update and after revooting device manager shows only 1 core, I tried changing the variable of NUMBER_OF_PROCCESORS to 4 (after reboot it was 1) and it still shows only one core. what can I do? mb:msi h81-p33 cpu:I5-4690S
  17. F

    [SOLVED] Core temp vs cpu temp and lag issues

    The problem is when I game, between 30 minutes and 2 hours into gaming, I start getting really laggy. (Checked memory and cpu usage they are under 30% so not really a memory issue) I feel this is a heat issue but cannot decipher if it is the case due to different readings from 3 different temp...
  18. W

    Question Which gen Intel processor should I get?

    I've decided that I want to get a new gaming laptop after having a laptop that had a dual core Skylake processor that was not powerful enough for some of the tasks that I want to do. I am trying to find a laptop with a 9th gen Intel Core i7 H series processor but some are either too expensive or...
  19. J

    Discussion GTX 680 Lightning/Power edition overclock and bios discussion

    Hi everyone, I recently acquired an MSI Power edition(Lightning) GTX 680, I didn't win the silicon lottery with this one, but I may have won the memory lottery: OC: 1163/1175MHz Core @ 1.175V 3881MHz (7762) Memory @ standard voltage I've seen people get this card to over 1200MHz so have I just...
  20. J

    [SOLVED] What are vCPUs and vGPUs?

    From what I understand so far, a vCPU is a CPU that you can assign more virtual cores than physical cores, so they act sort of like threads. Whereas, I don't fully understand what vGPUs are. I believe they just divide up GPU cores for VMs. So am I correct or not? And can someone tell me what the...