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  1. W

    Question Which gen Intel processor should I get?

    I've decided that I want to get a new gaming laptop after having a laptop that had a dual core Skylake processor that was not powerful enough for some of the tasks that I want to do. I am trying to find a laptop with a 9th gen Intel Core i7 H series processor but some are either too expensive or...
  2. J

    Discussion GTX 680 Lightning/Power edition overclock and bios discussion

    Hi everyone, I recently acquired an MSI Power edition(Lightning) GTX 680, I didn't win the silicon lottery with this one, but I may have won the memory lottery: OC: 1163/1175MHz Core @ 1.175V 3881MHz (7762) Memory @ standard voltage I've seen people get this card to over 1200MHz so have I just...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] What are vCPUs and vGPUs?

    From what I understand so far, a vCPU is a CPU that you can assign more virtual cores than physical cores, so they act sort of like threads. Whereas, I don't fully understand what vGPUs are. I believe they just divide up GPU cores for VMs. So am I correct or not? And can someone tell me what the...
  4. N

    Question Advice on gaming laptop CPU temp?

    Hello everyone, I bought a gaming laptop 8 months ago, until that moment I'd always used desktop for gaming so I need your advices and opinions on CPU temp. So I've noticed that my i7-8750h has turbo boost and it boosts the core frequency to 4.10 altough its base frequency is 2.20.But the...
  5. yatharthmaheshwari


    My PC is 3 years old and from past 1 year, I have been getting BSOD whea uncorrectable error while playing games which i tried to find out the cause of it but not able to find it until I recently tried core temp application in which I found that my cores while playing games often touches 80 to...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Can 1 vCPU use 2 cores?

    Many vCPUs are used as multiple vCPU (e.g. 2 vCPU) to 1 core (almost as a sort of hyperthreading). But what would happen if it were the other way around so you had multiple cores (e.g. 2 cores) to 1 vCPU? Don't question as to why, I would just like to know if it would work. Thanks, Joshua123033
  7. A


    Yikes! I bent some pins in the CPU socket, and I put a used core (i7-3770) in the LGA 1155 Socket, Dell Optiplex 790. There was no video output, but the signal was fine. I put in the old core, and there was still no video. I will supply some pictures below. Image 1 Image 2 Could it really be...
  8. R

    [SOLVED] How to limit a program to a set amount of cores

    so I want to limit discord to only allow it to use one core because it only needs that because if I have it on all cores it makes my games unplayable with like 40fps and cs with 40fps is not the way to go, so I only have it to one core and it only does like -(5-10)fps. Now I manually change it...
  9. [SOLVED] 9900k idle core frequencies high?

    Hey all, I'm testing overclocking my new build: Gigabyte Z390 Gaming M 9900k (+ Kraken M22 cooler) 32GB Ram 3000 Right now I've set it to 5Ghz clock ratio / Vcore to 1.325 / LLC Turbo / AVX 0 (I read somewhere that BIOS is faulty and should be set to 0 until updated) When I run HWinfo I get...
  10. bigtalon

    Question Extremely Stumping Question! Whose got what it takes to solve it!

    Okay. So I am running into a major stalemate here hope you guys can solve it. I try to power on my PC. Nothing happens, No signs of life. Disconnect PSU and hook up to my other PC. Fires it up just fine no problems. Reconnect PSU etc. etc. Still no fire. Take a screw driver to connect...
  11. I

    Question Can excessive heat from the CPU damage other components?

    Hey, Recently upgraded my GPU, and now my CPU is working at full capacity. Currently when idle sits from 45-55 degrees --> 90-100 at 100% load (when playing games). My PC has never crashed but CPU throttles to avoid going over 100. I've got some thermal paste on delivery as i have not changed it...
  12. B

    Question Don't know the name of a cable and want to buy a new power supply

    Okay, so I recently purchased an EVGA 400w power supply for my computer since mine is fairly old, and when trying to locate the different wires to replace with the new ones, I found a cable that the power supply didn't have yet is needed. It's labeled "P2" and I tried looking everywhere for a...
  13. T

    Question Installing new components

    So I’m upgrading / replacing my i5 6500 / msi h110 mobo to ryzen 2600x b450 am4 And since it’s my first time upgrading/changing the hardware I’m going to need to ask some help from you guys 1. Do I just go to recovery and just reformat everything, take out my current cpu+mobo and put the...
  14. G

    Question Buying Used Parts

    Hello, I'm 14 and can't get a job. So I resorted to buying used parts online to save some money. I haven't actually bought any parts yet and I'm probably only going to buy the GPU used. I'm scared though, what if the part doesn't work? What should I look out for...
  15. C

    Question Static shock help.

    Last night my roomate touched the top of my NZXT h500i case when trying to grab a controller off the top. He conducted a static shock onto the top of my case and shocked the PC. My PC froze and gave me a "it seems there is something wrong" screen and then restarted. It seems that all of my...
  16. K

    Question Speaker Upgrade for a JVC UX-D457S. Can I improve the sound with better speakers?

    I have a JVC UX-D457S on its way to me. I'm hoping to upgrade the speakers to get better overall sound but I've no idea what to buy. Hoping I can get some suggestions. At what point does the amp become the bottleneck? Or are the speakers that come with it already optimal for that stereo...
  17. J

    Question GTX 1080ti OR RTX 2070

    Hi! So im building a new gaming PC in the next couple weeks and im having a hard time choosing parts. I have 3 options. 1: Pairing a Ryzen 5 2600x with a GTX 1080ti 2: Pairing a Ryzen 5 2600x with an RTX 2070 3: Pairing a Ryzen 7 2700x with an RTX 2070 Remember that i will not stream or do over...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] PC Can't Locate Boot Device Unless Formatted Hard Drive Is Plugged In

    I have 3 hard drives in total: a 500gig Samsung Evo SSD, a 500gig WB M.2 and a 1500gig Hard Drive. I installed Windows 10 on the Samsung Evo and it boots fine but ONLY if the 1500gig Hard Drive is plugged in. The 1500gig Hard Drive is formatted and contains nothing on it, but nonetheless, when...
  19. G

    Question Video games randomly started taking up 95-100 percent of cpu

    Hi! so yesterday i was playing GTA V just fine, then i closed it and opened it again shortly after and it was taking up whatever was left on my cpu. It also happened with any other game i try. This is a link to my complete build,
  20. mohammad.khabbal

    Question How to get drivers for sony vaio PCG-5G3L

    Sony vaio PCG-3G5L windows xp have no drivers installed I need an app that include drivers without using internet because all my drivers are out of service Ethernet Pci Network controllers Video controllers etc...