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  1. D

    How do I make my computer get priority over the internet?

    As the title says, how can I actually make that my PC has the most bandwidth. When I play games it lags like hell because other are watching youtube and movies over the same internet so i really get bad ping. Is it actually possible to make my PC the main one. So every time when i play...
  2. G

    Valve Is Making Game Devs Use Actual Screenshots On Steam

    Valve announced that developers will no longer be able to include pre-rendered photos, concept art, or marketing images under the "screenshots" section of a title's Steam page. Valve Is Making Game Devs Use Actual Screenshots On Steam : Read more
  3. F

    Second monitor doesnt work, help me!

    When I plug in my second monitor which is HP w2216 and it says "No signal detected" It´s plugged in to my graphic card which is GTX 960. My primary screen is BenQ GL2450L and it´s working fine. BenQ is with HDMI and the HP is DVI. Dunno why it doesnt work :/
  4. J

    GPU UPGRADE... Aussie Prices Suck...

    Soooo I am in Australia and GPU prices are ridiculous and a 3gb 1060 cost about $350 (260 us at the moment) is 3gb or save a bit longer and get 6gb? I'm would also like to stick with Nvidia but any suggestions Specs: I3 6100 8gb ram 2 TB HDD 120 SSD Boot ASROCK H110m Corsair 500w 750 ti OC
  5. T

    Evga gtx 1060 sc software problem?

    Im buying a new pc this month and i'll get the gigabyte ga-78lmt usb3 mobo, the amd fx 8350 cpu and the evga gtx 1060 sc gpu but i read that none of evga's software will recognize this card correctly if its used on an amd-chipset mobo. Is thats true? Should i get another 1060 and not the evga...
  6. G

    Help with upcoming tech

    I am looking to build a gaming computer soon. My target budget is around $800. Before I start searching for deals and parts I want to know about any upcoming deals on gpus CPUs etc that are going to come out in the near future. If a company is going to release a new motherboard that would fit in...
  7. peaceduke

    I need advice about overclocking 5820k

    DAMN ... I should have posted this thread into Overclocking ((( i's sorry , I dont know how to move it now I overclocked my 5820k today.. hit point of 4.5 ghz with 1.3v core voltage / 1.25 Cache voltage I have h100i watercooler from corsair , my temps was 82c in 2 minutes I think it will go...
  8. W

    So no consumer Pascal announced at GTC - I think all the rumors are wrong maybe.

    It seems like Nvidia would have hinted a little more at a consumer Pascal release during GTC if it was actually on the horizon as quickly as most say it is. Why do so many think that an annoucement at computex is a possibility? It seems like new graphics cards for consumers could be all the way...
  9. E

    What graphics card is supported in my motherboard ?

    Greetings everyone, I have an old pc which has Gygabyte G31M-ES2L mobo, Core2duo E7400 2.8ghz processor, Ram 4GB DDR2 and a normal 450 Wall PSU. I had Ati Radeon HD 4350 1GB DDR2 GPU but after I start the pc, I get an error saying VIDEO TDR Failure and get lines...
  10. TayyabAli

    Please help in power supply suggestion

    Hi there guyz i want Power supply for my Pc.Right now i have two choices to buy. Both have available in same price from my source need suggestion which should i choose. ? 1: Corsair TX750 ATX Power Supply...
  11. M

    What is the chance of a BIOS update going wrong under the following conditions?

    I am looking to update my BIOS. My laptop is an Acer Aspire E5-571PG-524H. The drivers are on this website: http://www.acer.com.au/ac/en/AU/content/drivers Or select my product from a list > Notebook > Aspire > Aspire E5-571PG 1. I have updated my BIOS before 2. I know my computer facts 3. I...
  12. M

    Help: MSI R9 390X to Vizio 4k TV problem

    So I'm having an issue with my newly purchased MSI R9 390x. When I game on my 24" monitor everything runs great, awesome framerate, no stuttering, it's great. But when I want to game from my couch I have issues. I have both of my monitors connected through the DVI connections and my vizio 4k...
  13. Z

    FF on MOBO

    I am new to PC building and have limited knowledge. My build is as follows: Asus Crosshair V formula Z MOBO 4.7 8 core CPU MSI Radeon R9 390X VGA EVGA 850W PSU Corsair Vengeance Pro (4 X 8gb) I think I have everything plugged in properly. Everything boots up and the MOBO goes through a series...
  14. W

    irql_not_less_or_equal ntoskrnl.exe BSOD screen on win10 x64

    Hi all, I got my first BSOD on windows 10 and cant seem to find out why so i try this with the community. first eng is not my native and i have spellings issues so that sad off to go lol. any of u can point me in a direction to look for i have made a mini dump of the BSOD but for me it seems...
  15. P

    Reaplying heat paste question w/pictures

    Hey. I have a gpu that ran very hot (over 100 degrees celsius), so i bought some heat paste to try and make it run cooler. i know how to apply it to a cpu and i figured a gpu was the same from watching a youtube torturial. When i opened my card a ati radeon hd 4800 I found that there was this...
  16. S

    Pc starts but no picture since I changed heat sink

    Monitor has no picture since I replaced heat sink. I have checked all relevant forums. There is no damage on mobo or processor
  17. R

    Struggling with R9 270 Drivers: trouble installing properly and blue screen - Windows 7

    Yesterday I switched from my Radeon 5800 series (don't remember which one) graphics card to a R9 270 OC edition graphics card. Windows installed its own driver for it, then I used the CD to install Catalyst Control Center and its drivers. I ended up getting blue screens quite often. So I removed...
  18. H

    Crucial BX100 250GB SSD vs Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD is the added price worth it?

    I know the samsung is better, I've read reviews and heard it here as well. But I'm getting a complete pc as in the retailer builds it for me. As such there's a weird pricing model when switching out components. As a standard the build I'm going for has a bx100, I can upgrade to a samsung 850...
  19. K

    Wondering if i should upgrade from 780ti sli to 980ti for 1440p and eventually sli

    I have an i7-3770k @4.3 and 2 780ti in sli (evga SC) I have 2 monitors but I only game on the rog swift. Cant seem to find any benchmarks comparing the 980 ti single configuration vs. the 780ti in 2 way sli and I am wondering what the performance difference is like. I play non demanding games...
  20. P

    Want to reinstall windows, have multiple hard drives.

    Hi, I want to reinstall windows on my SSD drive. The drive is almost exclusively for windows. My worry is, I have most of my programs and content installed on two other HDDs. Will I have to reinstall all the programs too, or since they are on different hard drives to the SSD, it doesn't...
  21. G

    INSTALL wind 7 without having to reinstall GAMES/SOFTWARE

    hi, I have wind 8.1 well its terrible so i want to install wind 7 now... problem i have is that when installing new windows on SSD all the software and games on HDD become useless and i have e to reinstall them and so on and so on... So can i install windows somehow without that issue>>>?
  22. H

    New PC Build (help)

    Later this year I plan on entering the PC Master Race (finally). I'm trying to build a decent PC build that I won't need to upgrade for a good while in the foreseeable future. I do video production, 3d animation, video gaming, and plan to live stream via PC. With that said I am torn between a...
  23. S

    Broken motherboard socket pin?

    Long story short, a mover stole my CPU and tried to hide it by putting back the HSF without anything to cover the socket pin. When i look at the socket there are some pins that look uneven and i fear they are broken. I took somes picture with my blurry cam http://i.imgur.com/wkyIGsi.jpg...
  24. R

    Need help with BSOD

    Hello , for a few days now my computer has started to crash and gets BOSD. I am pretty sure the problem is with my RAM . But i have no idea how to troubleshoot the real problem. System : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3,40 GHz 16,0 GB of Ram (4x4 GB) Win 8.1 64 Bit Operating system , x64-...
  25. K

    AM3+ motherboard with BIOS with/without UEFI

    I am trying to find a motherboard that supports AMD's FX-6300 cpu but also supports old school PCI cards - UEFI won't - like a SCSI HBA/controller... I have an LTO-3 tape drive 68-pin SCSI Ultra that I am trying to make go with a motherboard that supports the AMD FX series of processors. The...
  26. F

    Asus r9 270 not working on Asrock h81-hds

    Hi when i'm pluging the hdmi on the card it only says on the screen hdmi not detected but the on board intel hd works? Please help me this is my first custom pc:(
  27. xeriian

    crossfire gpu hd5770

    Just curious as to i couldn't find any answers on the net. are Crossfire HD5770 better than a single SAPPHIRE R9 270X 2GB oc edition.
  28. B

    Should I get a Freesync or G-Sync

    Now first off I have to point out that I do have a pair of 970s in SLI and I know right now Freesync is just used by AMD and G-Sync is for Nvidia but G-Sync is so expensive. What I want to know is first off, is there any word on whether Nvidia is going to support freesync and secondly, if they...
  29. LukaBoki

    Which of these headsets would you rank as " the best "?

    Greetings,people of Tom's Hardware Forum. I have finally decided to invest in a gaming headset. My previous ones are pretty much $10 ones with "meh" sound quality and a "decent" mic. So,I have been searching through the headsets available for my grandfather to buy,and these are the ones that...
  30. U

    wifi network problem

    at first i used zyxel router and i use to run some of the applications like unified remote,superbeam,airstream etc but recently im upgraded to d-link 2730u router i cant use these applications now please help me with these
  31. S

    New Build Video Card Issue

    I just completed a re-build of my aging game pc with the following: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UDH3 i7-4790K 16 GB Corsair Dominator Win7 I had to re-use for the time being my old video card: Saphire Radeon Toxic HD 5850 I thought the system was locking up, but getting video was hit or miss...
  32. T

    problem with my os

    I have gigabyte r7 260x oc 2gb gpu.In the win 7 it displayed my graphic memory is 768mb. Recently i ve changed my os to win 8.1.Then it 's displaying my graphic memory 4844mb. So why didn't my win 7 display correct graphic memory?(my english isn't good.sorry)
  33. G

    All folders in my computer are readonly

    Even if I uncheck read only by goin to properties of the folder....it goes readonly again. What to to I use to run windows 7 32bit os now I have installed 64bit version of it....Installed it in my Desktop, No prob running smooth but my laptop is having this prob I am sure that this have...
  34. A

    Can't answer or make the first skype call

    I have a similar problem with skype. When I open the laptop usually the first call I will be not able to answer. I click to answer but nothing happens. I just have to wait till the call ends. The interesting thins is that the skype doesn't freez, I can even go to settings or writing messages...
  35. Rapidz

    Anyone know what this is?

    It's happened a few times on my friends computer, a restart usually fixes it
  36. F

    R9 280x using 2d clocks in certain games

    I have an MSI R9 280x 3GB, and I've been having all sorts of trouble getting it to work properly. My latest struggle is with the clocks in game. When I play less demanding games, such as source engine games, the clocks go down to the idle settings. This causes massive performance loss and a game...
  37. S

    can i run 2014-2018 games with GT 740 ?

    hello my system specs are cpu- intel core i3 2120@3.3ghz ram- 4x4 8gb dual channel ddr3 1333mhz twinmos mb-ASUS P8 h61 MLX3 r2.0 gpu-msi geforce gt 740 2gb ddr5 afterburner edition monitor- samsung led 1366x768 res so can i play all the upcoming next gen pc games at mid high settings with these...
  38. W

    Can I reinstall Windows 7 on ssd at a later date?

    Hello everybody. I am a first time builder and I was wondering.. If I want to eventually get an ssd for my operating system (Windows 7 system builder) and programs, but funds are a little tight.. Could I just get the hdd for now and install everything on there, and when I get an ssd, reinstall...
  39. B

    I have 16GB RAM, Only half being used.

    Hi all. I built and have been running this system without an issue for about a year. Recently, I've noticed that when I open task manager, and look at my resources, Windows is only showing a maximum of 8GB of RAM. I have 16GB (4x4GB)of Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz installed. On my last thread...
  40. Ben Xie

    Steelseries 5hv3 vs Siberia V2

    I am thinking about getting a gaming headset, (upgrade from apple earpods.) I like the 5hv3 and the Siberia V2. Could someone tell me if the Siberia V2 is worth the extra $20? (on amazon) Links...