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    Hi there, I bought a DDR3 32GB (4 x 8gb) corsair kit off ebay and the thing is the seem to selectively work. I've tried them on 5 diff systems and only 1 actually POSTED. Full specs: Corsair DDR3 32GB (4x8GB) 1660mhz 9-9-9-24 1.5V Model: CMY32Gx3M4A1600C9R System 1: CPU: I7 3770 ivy bridge...
  2. Budgeteer_262

    Question How do I get my 4x4gb Corsair Vengeance Ram to post?

    Hi All, I purchased ddr3 4x4gb 1600Mhz 9 9 9 24 ram modules. Corsair Vengeance However, upon closer inspection, I realised that they were two separate 2x4gb ram kits. Two of the ram sticks only have memory dies on one side of the pub while two of the modules have dies on both sides of the pcb...
  3. raptor2012rom

    [SOLVED] Random Crashes and BSOD , is it a motherboard fault ?

    Hi guys. I have some of an old PC that I can't seem to fix. I got random freezes in the system or while gaming sometimes. At the time I've got 12gb RAM (4gb Crucial and 8gb kingston). Thought the motherboard (Asrock 960gm-vgs3 fx) wasn't compatible with the ram so I bought 2x 4GB sticks of...
  4. K

    [SOLVED] ADATA ram 3200mhz is at 1600

    Hello people , i have recently bought a new pc and found out that my RAM is working at 1600 MHZ here is the photo of the info is there a problem ? My system is MB : MSI H510M-PRO RAM : ADATA 3200 8gx2 CPU : Intel I5 , 11400 GPU : Asus GTX 1650 (4g) GDDR6 Cooling : Green Notus 95 PSU ...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] Black screen with gpu at 100% fan speed

    Not sure if this is a gpu or psu problem at the moment but this issue has been happening for a while and is not recently happening frequently multiple times a day. I have a 1070 strix with a ryzen 1600 (14nm) and a 650 corsair 650 watt psu. Any ideas?
  6. I

    Question Changing my Ryzen 5 1600 to Ryzen 5600G, worth it? Suggestions please!

    Hello guys!! Thank you in advance to help me with this. I have this PC and I would like to upgrade my Ryzen 1600 because I think it's old for the current gaming requirements: GPU: GTX 1070 Founders Edition PNY 16GB Corsair Led 3200MHz ASrock AB350 Pro4 PSU Corsair M600w Case NZXT Phantom 410...
  7. AlterEg00

    [SOLVED] Ram DDR3 1600 upgrade advice please

    Good afternoon all i want to upgrade the ram in my old rig motherboard is https://www.gigabyte.com/us/Motherboard/GA-MA790XT-UD4P-rev-10#ov I currently have 4 x 2 sticks (2 x duel) CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 are the 4 sticks It can use a max of 16gb so i want to get 2x 4gb kit first to see if they work...
  8. J

    [SOLVED] B450 Aorus Pro Cpu compatibility

    I'm currently speccing out a system for a friend of mine, and im giving him my old B450 Aorus Pro board. I thinking of choosing the Ryzen 5 1600 as the cpu as he is on a fairly tight budget, but on the CPU compatibility chart on the boards website it has two specific models of the cpu that it's...
  9. YDJLuV

    [SOLVED] Installed indentical RAM and they don't work together

    I have an ASUS Vivo Mini VC64R and I installed 2x8gb Hynix DDR3L 1600hz... Etc etc .. they will work alone.. I have a 4gb modules that also works but it's a slower speed according to CPU-Z.. please help 😁
  10. vanko7

    [SOLVED] What motherboards support Ryzen 1600AF out of the box? What should I look for?

    Looking to build a pc with a Ryzen 1600AF at its core. Most motherboards within my budget do support it, but after a bios update according to the site. The problem is that the 50$ "bios-update-before-shipping" retailer fees in my country are out of my budget. What exactly should I look for in...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 3600xt or wait for ryzen 5000

    So, I'm planning to upgrade my GTX 1070 to the RTX 3070 hopefully when it launches and am wondering which option would suit me best. I'm mainly looking to game at 1080p 144hz ultra and the GTX 1070 hasn't seemed to be pulling its weight in games warranting an upgrade, however, my main concern is...
  12. J

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 1600 pcie lanes

    So I still have a Ryzen 1600 with 24 PCIE lanes. But I have 2 Gpu's and a m.2 SSD. That's over 24 PCIE lanes. What is being limited? I plan on selling my second GPU so this is just for curiosity.
  13. P

    [SOLVED] 3200g vs 1600 ryzen

    What do you think will go better for a gaming pc the cpu would be paired with a GTX 970 on a Asrock A320m-HDV r4.0 motherboard with 8gbs ddr4 2133 i know ram is very slow for ryzen but it was free
  14. R

    [SOLVED] Build comment/advice: £500/USD600 build for light gaming

    I'm building a pc for my gf, budget of about £500/USD600 (+-100). She'll mainly be using it for light gaming (Sims, Civ 6 etc), browsing and work. I've got this planned so far, wondering if people have any comments or would like to even propose an entirely new build for me, I'm all ears. Much...
  15. 8

    [SOLVED] Running Ryzen 1600 at High Temps For Long Periods of Time

    Will running my roughly 2 year old Ryzen 1600 at 75-80 degrees for a good 6-8 hours every day ruin the cpu?
  16. TripleJTH

    Question Stutters while gaming + getting lower fps on newer card than old

    I had a problem about a week ago and ended up replacing my 1060 3gb with a 1660 ASUS DUAL OC TUF and it isn't working as i thought it would, i suspect it may bottlenecking my gpu, i read that the ryzen 5 1600 reduces fps on average when using a 1660 by -20% I have my 1600 ocd to 3.75 from 3.4...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 1600 AF Motherboard

    Will an AMD Ryzen 1600 AF processor work with any AM4 motherboard or will I need to update the bios? I want to pair the 1600af with the ASRock B450 Pro4 because the motherboard is cheaper than the newer ones. Will the motherboard require a bios update? I need to know because I don't have an...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] R5 1600 with 2060S or Radeon 5700

    Hello, So Im confused between two GPUS for my PC. Note: I will game in 1080p 60hz, maybe even 144hz. I just want to get the full performance out of the GPU using my CPU. Which gpu is better for me, and will not have a bottleneck while still getting highest FPS. I have 16 gigs of ram trident Z...
  19. Zvonkoo

    Question base 64k memory failure - G.Skill 2x8GB 3000 MHz, MSI B350M Gaming Pro

    Hello everyone. Yesterday my system booted up without beeps and it showed 8.00GB RAM (7.95GB usable) (instead of 16.00GB and around 16.00GB usable) in PC specs. I updated the BIOS, and it was fixed. But today, 10 minutes ago, display suddenly showed no signal while PC was running, i heard no...
  20. Kazeeztherabit

    Question NEED HELP........My pc turned off suddenly while i was playing csgo...Read details

    My Pc turned off as i was playing Csgo,my psu is VS650,gtx 1070,ryzen 1600.. i tried to turn it on,nothing happened.My mobo has led's,those remain turned on even if pc is off,but here those were off too.I waited a while, disconnected the power cable,plugged it back after like 30seconds, IT...
  21. FlamingoMan

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 2200G vs Ryzen 1600

    I'm trying to decide between the Ryzen 2200G and the 1600. The 2200G has 4 cores but 3.5 GHz core clock. The 1600 has 6 cores but a 3.2 GHz. (I will have a graphics card so the onboard graphics for the 2200G does not matter) -The 2200G costs 92 USD -The 1600 costs 115 USD I'm also planning to...
  22. feemonts

    Question Ryzen 5 1600, 2400G and 2600 - 3D app and Gaming

    I'm setting up a 2 new RIGs with AMD and just want to know, wich one will perform better.... I know that R5 2600 it's the killer, but wait... GPU: GTX 550Ti (will be upgrade) RAM: 16GB DDR4 Mobo: ASRock A320M-HD (good enough) Know...to the Thread: For a 3D applications, like AutoCad, Revit and...
  23. Mo.R

    Question Better cpus than ryzen 2600

    Are there any better amd cpus than the ryzen 5 2600/x, apart from the 2700. Thanks
  24. S

    [SOLVED] Is my i5 7500 causing low frame rates at 1440p ultrawide?

    System: i5 7500 MSI H270M Mortar Arctic Corsair LPX 3000mhz 2x8gb EVGA GTX 1070ti Black 860 EVO 500gb SSD CM MasterLiquid 240 AIO CX650M Samsung CF791 EDIT: I'm asking because I have read that at 1440p+, the GPU becomes the major player, but I've also read that the i5 7500 is less than stellar...
  25. Hawk2316heels

    Question MSI B450 Tomahawk issue Please Help

    Just bought a MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard and I have a Lian-Li case that has a three pronged Power LED. The motherboard however only has 2 prongs. It does not look like it is able to be split since the middle prong of the three looks empty.. I am really at a loss since I do not see anywhere on...
  26. R

    [SOLVED] Optiplex 780 sff problem

    Hello guys i repaired my psu ob my optiplex 780 sff and got a case of optiplex 760 sff Also front power button is from optiplex 760 sff and with the fan including the speaker i put my optiplex 780 sff motherboard on the 760 case and conecting 760 io front power buttn and the fan i said now my...
  27. K

    IM adding a HDD or a SDD.

    Do I need to reinstall windows If i add a HDD or SDD?
  28. A

    [SOLVED] Mining advice for RX580 Is it a bad thing to increase memory clock to 2200 and reduce the core clock to 1200?

    Below is my specification CPU - Intel i5-4590 Mobo - Biostar H81MLV3 GPU - Powercolor Red Devil RX 580 8GB Golden Sample RAM - 8GB DDR3 (not sure if I got 1333 or 1600) PSU - Corsair CX650 Storage - and old 500GB 7200RPM HDD I wanted to try mining for fun Im a complete noob i know nothing about...
  29. F

    New RAM setup in Bios

    I just uninstalled my previous set of RAM sticks because there was a faulty one among the 4. Do I need to change any settings in the bios so that my computer runs properly? I had 32gb, but I went ahead and removed the faulty one, as well as another one, so now I am running 16gb. If any settings...
  30. X

    Corsair HD140 vs Noctua NF A14 industrial ippc pwm 3000rpm

    My jaw is still on the floor... Yo, WTF? 10.52 mm H2O Static pressure and 269.3 CFM on a single 140mm NF-A14 Noctua Industrial ippc PWM fan? Oh man, that is 6 times over the Corsair HD140!!! I am planing to hit 5GHz on my delidded i9-7960x I have a 420mm radiator custom loop for CPU only. I...
  31. D

    New GPU, Screen gets no signal.

    Just installed a new GPU and psu to go with it. When I turn on the computer the screen stays black. Already put bios back to factory settings tried with a different GPU that does work. The fans on the new one do spin, only 1 of the 2 tho. I need help. Been troubleshooting for 7 hours now and im...
  32. T

    Dual Monitor Arm + Monitor

    I Have an ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q 27" and I was looking for another monitor to dual with, just for desktop, internet browsing, etc And I was wondering if these two items are good enough. Vision Mounts Gas Spring Dual LCD Monitor Arm...
  33. T

    Is there such a thing as a GTX 1050 4GB?

    I have seen advertisements for gaming laptops showing specs like this: i7 7700 hq + 228 GB SSD + 1TB HDD 7200 + 16 GB RAM + Nvidia GTX 1050 4G Everything I have read online, including Nvidias own site, says that the GTX 1050 only has 2G and that only the GTX 1050ti has 4G. Is this correct? If...
  34. I

    Want to hear your thoughts on purchasing parts over time

    Say someone wants to build a PC and buy the parts one at a time. What order would be wise and why? Like case first because it can't be faulty? Consider return time if faulty, risk of defect, and cost when picking order. Assume all parts would be for an $800 build and purchased at a rate of $100...
  35. B

    I need a build for recording,editing and streaming.

    Hi everyone, i would like to ask you guys if you can give me a good pc build for streaming, video editing and recording games at 1080p 60fps high/medium graphics for a good price. Including monitor if possible. Thanks for everyone that will answer me.
  36. T

    5960x overclock big air vs aio

    Hello, I recently upgraded from a 5820k to a 5960x. I was wondering if an aio such as the x62 kraken, 115i, evga clc 280mm improve the thermals compared to a r1 ultimate which I have already. The r1 kept my 5820k oc to 4.5 w/1.275vcore at 78c during stress tests. With the 5960x, attempting a...
  37. L

    Hard drive not showing up in bios

    So I was using my computer and heard a pop sound and it wouldn't work after that. I bought a new power supply and mother board and when I went to start it up it went to the bios and my hard drive didn't show up so I bought new data cables hoping it wasn't the hard drive then it still didn't...
  38. E

    Upgrading from a gtx 560 to an msi gtx 1050 Ti

    Ok so I studied up and looked at power supply requirements and est I needed around 600w when I currently have a 750w So my currant rig is a Asus aspire predator g5920 Containing a i7 3.5gh processor quad core, 4x4gb ram (16 total) And a manli gtx 560 _____________________________________ So I...
  39. T

    guys i have prob with my case

    my cable management is so poor that i can't overclock my gpu, the wires are blocking the fan of my gpu. i need any tips for cable management guys. my case is Cooler Master Elite 311 and my gpu is gigabyte gtx 1060 xtreme gaming edition