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    Need help with Custom Build

    Ok, so I'm trying to custom build my first system. I only have the money to spend this much once so I'm wondering if I will encounter any problems with these parts: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3IeQh Any help is greatly appreciated. :)
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    1st Time PC Build - need advice

    I will NOT be overclocking - will be using system for equal amounts of gaming, business applications and video editing though no extreme uses of any of these. I want this system to be able to be good for the next several years & possibly upgraded for future builds. Cosmetics do not matter to me...
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    Weird clicking noise from hard drive

    Hi, Last night, the hard drive made some weird clicking noise. It started at midnight, and the computer has been on the whole day. It is a 2.5'' SATA HDD, 320GB Western Digital. Now, the computer has been on for a few hours, and I do not hear any clicking noise anymore.. That makes me think...
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    Monitor display stays black/is not detected after waking up from sleep mode

    So this problem with my pc only began today, but for some reason my monitors display is completely black (or not even detected) after waking up from sleep mode. The computers power light is not blinking and is solid, so i can tell that it's not still sleeping, but the monitors light remains...
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    Retrieving Data from old harddrive

    Hello! My parents old laptop died a while ago and I have the hard drive. I have hooked up the laptop drive in my desktop with the power and SATA cables. I booted from my standard drive. Going to computer management from the control panel, the computer recognizes that a new hard drive is...
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    Silent gaming/photo editing PC (mATX) under €800

    Hi, I'm building new desktop after long time with laptop and was reserching for a while now. Requirements for this build: ■ Silent. ■ Overclocking is not priority ■ Preferably smallish (mATX) case (will sit on desk) ■ Would well play modern games ■ Have rather good performance for lag-free...
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    I reinstalled windows, webcam aint't working now

    I recently got windows reinstalled, since then, my laptop's webcam is not working, i have samsung laptop, 300E5v, pleaase help?
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    Weird Question: Can I both control and connect to my laptop via my desktop?

    So basically what I am wondering, is if there is a way to connect my laptop to my desktop via, I dunno lightning or firewire, ect, and somehow use it as though it were an additional monitor, yet still its own separate computing entity? I am envisioning a scenario where you might would control...