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Forum discussion tagged with 24/7.

    Question Is there any problem if I keep my WiFi adapter plugged in 24/7?

    Hi guys so I recently bought a USB wireless wifi adapter and normally keep my wifi adapter plugged in all the time and I usually don't unplug it even when shutting down my pc, Its plugged in 24/7 so will the wifi adapter get damaged or overheat by keeping it plugged in all the time or is it...
  2. I

    Is it possible to connect both rgb components to one rgb controller?

    So basically I have some case fans, it’s the ID-Cooling DF-12025 and it has an rgb led controller included so you can change the lights and effects. I also have the Deepcool RGB 350 (rgb led light strips) and they have an rgb controller included as well. Is it possible to connect both the case...
  3. F

    SSD 100% usage, even after re-partition and fresh install

    About one week ago I noticed my PC was slowing down considerably. My SSD was running at 100% disk usage anytime there was a considerable write to the disk. For instance when I tried to install Google Chrome after a fresh install, my SSD hung at 100%. This would make it impossible to do...
  4. B

    Computer wont load websites after attempting to forward ports

    Today while i was in the process of forwarding some ports (it was my first time), my copmuter stopped loading any websites. Error code was DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG. I hope i get help soon
  5. blurryy

    Best radiator/PSU/Graphics Card! Questions...

    Hi guys, I am starting to construct a new build and I'm just looking at prices, and thinking of my budget. At the moment my budget is in the 1k-1.5k range. So far I've chosen: Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark S LGA 1150 Intel Core i5-4690k Devils canyon quad 3.5ghz G.Skill Sniper series 16GB ram...