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    [SOLVED] 3.5" External Drive Issue

    Turning to the forums here to help me with an issue I am having with a 3.5" external USB drive. My wife found an old 3.5" floppy that had some great old memories on them but someone used the disk and either erased or formatted the thing leaving an old resume .doc file. I immediately thought that...
  2. O

    [SOLVED] Can you add a 3.5" 160GB WD Caviar Blue (https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16822136075) to a HP Pavilion 510-p010?

    Hello, I would like to add a 160GB WD Caviar Blue (https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16822136075 ) to my HP Pavilion 510-p010. Is this possible? I already have a 1TB HDD (HP) Thanks, OldBo5.
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    Ryzen RAM stability issues because CPU Freq drop!? (CNQ OFF)

    Hello beautiful people! I think I have found why my RAM memory is not stable at higher speed. It crashes even at the frequency of 2800MHz. When CPU is overclocked/CNQ off, during memory stress testing like Aida64 or MemTest, CPU Frequency drops at about 1.0GHz after minute or two and that is...
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    Wanted to Install SSD in my pc

    I wanted to Install SSD on my motherboard https://ark.intel.com/products/54876/Intel-Desktop-Board-DH61WW This is the ssd https://www.amazon.in/WDS120G2G0A-120GB-2-5-inch-Internal-Green/dp/B076XWDN6V?tag=googinhydr18418-21&tag=googinkenshoo-21&ascsubtag=d25cce2b-8d75-4730-add8-0ee5b1757d6d...
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    Memory Clock In Ryzen Master

    I have this option called "memory clock", my question is, what does it means ? is that use to configure my ram speed ? or is it something else, because i can only maxed it out to 1600mhz (currently i use 1067mhz), but in the bios, it says my ram speed is 2133mhz
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    CPU Bottleneck help

    So I have a amd 7890k and a gtx 1060 6gb and it is really bottlenecking my gpu and I really need a bit of help to try and lessen or stop this. Thank you.
  7. J

    Monitor vs TV refresh rate and mirror dilemma

    So I have my PC monitor and a TV that I mirror the desktop too. I used to run everything at 1080p 60fps but that time for PC monitors has passed... So if I buy a new hdr 4k 144hz blah blah blah... how can I locally in my house stream the output from the new monitor to the tv. I don't need...
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    Ryzen Ram Ripjaws V

    Ok so I know there is like a million threads about this topic but I am hoping someone can clarify for me and put my mind at ease. Recently purchased a Ryzen 1700 coupled with gigabyte b350 gaming 3 mobo. Since ram prices are crazy right now due to the mobile market taking precedent I decided...
  9. H

    Possible dead power supply?

    About a month ago my computer took a crap. Wouldn't turn on or anything. This was a two year old build. As of today I have replace my mobo, cpu, cpu cooling, and case. When I try to turn on my computer the CPU led flashes for a fraction of a second and then nothing happens. At the bottom of my...
  10. C

    Should I change my graphics card and processor cooler on my own or should I pay someone to do it for me ?

    Hello. I have ordered new graphics card and processor cooler and I want ask you guys if someone that never changed pc components (me) can change old graphics card for new one and old processor cooler for new one . I mean it dont look that difficult on youtube but is there anything I can break or...
  11. P

    Motherboard and graphics card light won't off

    Hey, i have a Asus Z170 Pro gaming/AURA motherboard and a Asus strix 1080 OC edition. The lights wont turn off after i shut down my PC. May i know how do i make the lights of the motherboard and the graphics card get turned off after i shut down my pc, other than switching off the main switch...
  12. benv34

    Added 2nd GPU: Computer won't POST??

    Hi all, Long, loooong time reader, but finally got an account :) Love these forums, they've been so helpful for such a noob! On to the question... I started playing Borderlands the Pre-Sequel last week (little bit late, I know) and noticed that whenever there was a lot of PhysX going on, the...
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    Should I Upgrade or Buy New?

    Hi everyone I have a gaming pc which I built around 6-7 years ago, it was very good when I built it but pretty dated now. I would like to try and save money by just upgrading it rather than buying a totally new PC, probably doing upgrades of around £100 at a time although I could potentially...
  14. R

    HDD inches wich to choose

    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/FVYxZL 2.5 or 3.5 inch internal hdd? Seagate or WD?
  15. L

    My PC won't detect my r9 390

    Hey guys so i i just recently build my first pc and i can't get my graphics card to be be detected by the computer. i think it is probably dead but it be maybe there is something i haven't done yet. so far i have updated the mobo bios with no success, i have changed slots pcie slots still...
  16. B

    RAM for HP p6837c

    I've got an HP p6837c, looks like it came with a FOXCONN 2AB1 board and AMD Athlon II X4 645 chip. HP and most retailers state ram is maxed at 16GB, my research shows the board can handle 32GB. Right now, I've got 4x4 for 16 across and a 1.5 TB hdd. I was thinking about swapping the hdd for a...
  17. A

    Help safe mode start up issue.

    I put the computer into safe mode through msconfig. The computer will now not load and i cannot see any of the menus such as boot, bios, nothing no matter what keys i press it just never loads all the way. The monitor on the laptop is bad and its been hooked up to a flatscreen for ages with a...
  18. N

    Building my first computer

    GPU - GTX 750 Ti, maybe Radeon R9 270x CPU - Intel i3 4160 Case - NZXT 220 Ram - No for sure selection yet, probably 4gb Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-B85M microATX HDD - WD 1TB Disk Drive - Power Supply - Not sure, total wattage according to CoolerMaster Power Supply Calculator comes out to 257...
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    R9 280 Or R9 280X

    So hi, I was wondering if its worth getting the R9 280 for £111.60 or get the R9 280X for £174.99 or is it even worth upgrading from my 750 ti? Thanks
  20. L

    how do i change my wallpaper

    how do i change my wallpaper on my chromebook becaues i dount now how