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  1. Scar The Silent

    Question Install Windows 10 on new M.2 prior to build?

    Hi all, So, I'm doing a new PC build. It's going to have a Ryzen 3700X and an Asus Crosshair VIII Hero motherboard. For that reason, I won't be able to start building until they release. Now, I've already purchased every other item for the build, which means I have my new 1TB NVMe drive...
  2. Pizza PowerXYZ

    [SOLVED] If the 3950x supports PCIE 4.0, would it work with pcie 3.0 parts?

    I know the 3950x will most likely come out in September But if a processor supports a pcie that's above the GPU or m.2 would they work? The 3950x will be am4 socketed so I dont have to change motherboards But the CPU supports pcie 4.0 Would it even work? Is it backward compatible? Help me plz...