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  1. O

    Question i7-4790 For Video Editing

    Hey, I'm looking at buying a cheap prebuilt mainly for photo and video editing, its specs are; i7-4790 @ 3.4GHz 16gb of DDR3 512GB SSD It also has a Nvidia Quadro card that I'll probably replace with a 1050ti. It will be used mainly for 1080p video with the very occasional 4K, I'm just...
  2. R

    Question GTX 1070, high usage, low temps, low FPS

    Not sure whats going on. I've tried rolling back drivers, reinstalling windows, allot of stuff...my 1070 is showing 100% usage on games but is struggling to produce more than 80fps on battlefield 1 and cant pass 90-100 on rocket league. I'm baffled because I used to be able to run these very...
  3. gusnd

    [SOLVED] is Cooler Master G100 better than Ryzen 7 2700 stock?

    I bought a G100 to cool my i7 4790 (not 4790k), but a few months after I decided to upgrade to a Ryzen 7 2700 which seems to have a nice stock cooler, should I still replace it since I have it or use the stock one anyways?
  4. G

    What does solved means

    Hi I was wondering what does yay!!! solved with a number means? i was mining an a coin and a had a few of them that had yay!!! solved.
  5. AndrewFreedman

    Lenovo Legion Gaming PCs Are Sleeker Than Ever

    Lenovo is revamping its Legion Tower and Cube with a sleek design that’s not as aggressive as many gaming machines. Lenovo Legion Gaming PCs Are Sleeker Than Ever : Read more
  6. M

    USB pen drive not showing up in My computer as well as in Disk Management

    Hello,I just got this new Hp 64 gb pen drive and it worked fine for a few days and later on it stopped showing up in my pc. When I plug it in I can see it in device manager > Disk Drives and the status says it is working fine. Also when I go to notification area I see the0 "Eject Mass Storage"...
  7. J

    Unable to boot

    HI, I am building a new mining rig with 3 Gpus, but the motherboard doesn't boot at all. Nothing on the screen. I tried Motherboard alone and with One gpu as well but nothing on display. My configuration for motherboard: 1) Motherboard: Asrock H110 Pro Btc+ 2) Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB...
  8. S

    I 4790k code b2

    I have working Pc with i5 4670k on Asus maximus vi hero mobo. I obtained an i7 4790k fitted to Pc code 00. I have latest bios 1603 and Asus/ Intel drivers up to date. Was suggested on the forum i7 must be faulty, returned it to Intel under warranty got a replacement fitted now I getting code...
  9. C

    Build Psu required

    Hy guys i recently build a pc with i7 7000k 3.6 oc , motherboard asus z270 p , 16gb ram , 1060 6gb oc video card and i just wonder if my cx550w psu will be enough to run .
  10. C

    Making new build, need a few tips

    Hi guys, I am sort of set for a new build. I am mostly taking advises and have a few questions as well: Date of Purchase: Q1 2017 (February most likely). Budget range: 1650$ (6500 PLN). MAX System use: Gaming, Streaming, Unreal Engine 4 design. No monitor Upgrading: CPU, Ram, Mobo, GPU, CPU...
  11. P

    Realtek Network controller in deepsleep mode

    So recently my Ethernet port has been playing up. I was playing a game of CS:GO and accidentally knocked out my ethernet cable, once this had happened my whole computer stopped, when I restarted my internet was gone. I tried to reinstall my drivers but was told it was in deep sleep mode. I did...
  12. C

    1080p 144hx/120hz vs 1440p 60hz

    Current Build: i5 4570 Gtx Asus 1070 16gb of vengence ram Asus 1080p 60hz 1ms screen I'm currently looking into upgrading my monitor and debating on which to get, where the screen tearing on my current screen is horrible after it goes over 60fps, so I have to essentially have to have vertical...
  13. F

    Can't change display settings in softwares, only through monitor ?![Windows 10 Home 64bit]

    Hello everyone! UPDATE: A software called f.lux was blocking it! I bought a BenQ G2250 Monitor, but my wallpaper looks so much darker than on my other monitor, and webpages are too bright. I tried changing the display settings (brightness, contrast, sharpness) and it still hurts my eyes and...
  14. A

    How's my custom gaming rig?

    Hi I'm building a gaming PC for my friend, I built myself one about a year ago so I know the basics of custom building. The rig needs to be capable of running newer games at 1080p at around 60fps. I've ruled out overclocking because my friend is not confident in doing it and neither am I. I...
  15. H

    Please help, my computer keeps acting up

    Hi,this is my set up: Processor: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor Video Card: Gtx 960 2gb overclocked RAM: 8.0 GB Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 (build 14393), 64-bit Psu: Turbolink ATX - XG500W My computer keeps shutting off when i load rust or Ark survival evolved. I was just...
  16. T

    4pin atx to SATA?

    I'm trying to put together a machine from a few spares/old parts. I have one of these power supplies with one 8 pin ATX power cable being used for the motherboard, and one male 4 pin ATX power cable. Is it possible to power a SATA HDD and optical drive from the 4 pin? If so can someone point me...
  17. I

    BSOD: Been bothering me for a while now

    Hey guys, I bought this new computer used and I had been getting several BSOD that have been bothering me for a while now. I was okay with the BSOD as they weren't as frequent before, I've tried solving the issue with my drivers being updated regularly however these BSODS persist. I am led to...
  18. A

    Buzzing Noice From GPU When Core Voltage Raised

    When i overclocked my GPU and raised the core voltage, then proceeded to run a demanding game (example: GTA V), my card started to make a buzzing noice, sounds electric sort of :??: I haven't heard the sound from the card before. I raised my Core Voltage by +30 mV My OC settings are in the...
  19. M

    Gigabyte Vs Sapphire 380X

    So basically these I'm picking up one of these R9 380X. I'm wondering on which brand I should really get ? I'm going to buy another one later for crossfire too ! I'm stuck on wether the Gigabyte version is worth the 980MHz , Windforce Logo and cooling design with zero rpm . The sapphire one has...
  20. J

    Best way to clean ASRock X58 SuperComputer

    Just picked up an old gaming build off Craigslist. It only cost me a case of Bud Light! He had a leak in his cooling loop back in the day that fried his GPU's and he never turned it on again. You'll never believe the list of parts that I got for $22's worth of beer. I need to clean the mobo...