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  1. M

    Could my psu damage my gpu?

    Dear community I had a radeon r9 graphics card that wasn´t working properly (in other systems too), and i therefore i sent it to where i bought it from to get it changed. It was pretty new so i don´t know why it didn´t work, but i was thinking that my psu might have damaged my gpu? My psu is a...
  2. K

    Intel stock cooler installation?

    so i installed the stock cooler with the sticker the other way upside down is there a problem with that?
  3. E

    Weird Box appearing on my screen

    So i have been playing games and lately some boxes appear on my screen and just flicker. They look like black pixles or white and idk what they mean. They really annoy me and i havent been able to find a fix. I tried updating graphics. I tried lowering clocks. Im not sure what to do anymore...
  4. S

    What part should I upgrade?

    Currently running: Intel i5-4690k @ 3.50GHz 2x4GB DDR3 @ 800MHz Asus Maximus VI Hero (Socket 1150) EVGA GTX 970 Got some extra money, don't mind upgrading, just want the most bang for my buck.
  5. Wayfall

    Fan anti-vibration solution

    Hi I have bought a new case and the Corsair SP140mm at the back of the pc is making the grill rattle, where do i get some kind of rubber screw or washers to stop this darn rattling. It rattles when the edges of the fan are in contact with the case. Thanks
  6. C

    3 drives what is the best config?

    so i have three drives, 32gb ssd, 256gb ssd, and 3tb hard drive. what is the best config that i can do to get the best performance. it will be used for video recording and editing, gaming, 3d modeling, and other stuff. i thought to use the 32gb ssd as a cache for my 3tb hard drive. but if...
  7. C

    New PSU ?

    I should get a new PSU or a CPU fan ? (my cpu temps are over 75C all the time) Specs: CPU: Q8300 GPU: Msi GTX 750 ti
  8. F

    PCE N15 Control Center Utility not coming up

    Hello! So yeah, I got an ASUS PCE N15 network card on my rig and I need to bring up the Control Center but I'm not sure how. All I did so far was run the install wizard on the disk, and restarted my computer. Can't find any form of shortcut anywhere. Thanks for reading Edit: Windows 8.1 64b