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    My PC freeze with 4gb ram but not with 2gb ram.

    I have motherboard N68s by ASRock . I was using 2gb 800Mhz RAM now I have added a another RAM of 4gb of 800Mhz . Problem is this that my PC freeze with 2+4 gb RAM also with 4gb RAM . But it works fine with my 2gb RAM stick. Plzzzz help......
  2. J

    Black screen right after switching on my laptop.

    Hi guys I have a Lenovo G570. Yesterday, I tried turning on my laptop. Win 10 booted, and then hanged right at the login screen. The cursor wasn't moving and it was like that for a few minutes. Eventually I got fed up and pulled out the battery (a big mistake). Then the screen was black after I...
  3. S

    Ryzen 5 1600, Intel I5 8400 or Intel I7 8700 for 144hz 1080p?

    I’m planning to buy one of these cpus together with a gtx 1070, but which one will work the best on 1080p 144hz? I don’t mind turning down settings, but would like to use this build for a good 2/3 years
  4. P

    Quickest setup to build?

    I want to build a new computer and want it to be as quick as possible. Quick opening programs, quick jumping from one to the other. Just real quick. I have SSD hard drives already. No gaming and just used for normal stuff, internet, quicken, regular everyday use. What's better for that? More...
  5. J

    I have higher FPS at 1080p and lower at 1600x900

    How can be this impossible? I have higher FPS at 1080p and lower FPS at 1600x900! Is this CPU bottleneck? FX 6350 @3.9 GHz Rx 480 8gb @ 8gb ram
  6. B

    CPU Cooling problems

    I have a I5 7600K with a Cryorig C7 with 2 1 front and back chassis fans and one facing downwards in my case and for some reason when i play games like Ark survival and BDO with low settings I'm sitting at 70C+, And I'm not sure why It's around 20C in my room because I live in Australia and its...
  7. A

    How to get in the computer

    It won’t let me get in. The screen pops up and says it’s loading but it takes hours and it still can’t get in. I need help.
  8. I

    Which one is best

    I5 7400 or Ryzen 5 1500x or Ryzen 5 1400?Which one is best and which one is worst?My GPU is gtx 1050 ti
  9. T

    Caused a big mess

    While removing things off my computer I was going to give to a friend.Decided I wanted to change admin name and password. I used netplwiz to do this. Restart computer, login name was still mine. Yet this time my password didn't work, tried the new password didn't work also. Upon google searches...
  10. D

    How to tell if a laptop GPU has had hardware failure?

    My laptop, an MSI GE70-i765M or something close, recently started having some issues. I noticed I was getting terrible FPS in games, and that everything was using my intel HD graphics and not my GeForce 765m. Device manager said windows had disabled my GPU because it reported problems (error...
  11. J

    Need durable keyboard

    i have been using Razor Blackwidow tournament for few years. It has been double clicking on me :( Can you suggest me some keyboards that last for many years, no double clicking? Under $100 i mostly use it for typing. i prefer to not have the keypads Thanks!
  12. J

    Building a gaming pc- need suggestions please

    i am going to build a gaming pc, games - CSGO PUBG etc. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/KDNsd6 The memory is not Kingston Hyperx predator 3200mhz like on the list , its a 3000mhz my videocard is a KFA 2 Geforce GTX 1070 Ex ( i could not find it on pcpartpicker-list) i also look for a good case but...
  13. C

    Build Psu required

    Hy guys i recently build a pc with i7 7000k 3.6 oc , motherboard asus z270 p , 16gb ram , 1060 6gb oc video card and i just wonder if my cx550w psu will be enough to run .
  14. waffleisback

    HP Z210 Workstation Unknown Sound

    I just bought an HP Z210 CTM Workstation off of eBay. So far I'm really happy with the purchase however when the computer is on it makes a strange noise. I'm not sure how to describe it but I have linked below a video of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbvwHaQ4BsA ( The noise I'm...
  15. yeti_yeti

    PC freezing during internet multitasking

    Been experiencing some freezes lately, when browsing with 4+ tabs. Is it the fault of my cpu (fx 6300), or is it something else?
  16. O

    Tough Decisions, Reliable AC Router?

    Hello. I am looking for a dualband AC router with 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands. I would like one with the a/b/g standard as I have "legacy" devices that only use that standard. Budget will be ~$200. Going slightly over is no issue. My current router is a Cisco E2500. Had it for about 4 years now and...
  17. A

    Win 10 Won't boot, Won't Repair

    Just read a thread saying 'Easy Recovery Essentials' isn't essential - we should be able to do it ourselves. Well I was about to buy it. Because my Win10 won't boot. Put the install disk in and try for repair etc. and nothing will work. Seems like maybe the BCD is corrupt. I tried to...
  18. I

    Computer shuts down at random. No freezing or looping.

    Hey all, My computer has been just shutting down at random, usually while playing games (Overwatch) and will then start up again on it's own. It doesn't give me any screen telling me "Windows shut down incorrectly" or anything. A while ago, it would freeze up and loop audio. I'm under the...
  19. Z

    Red Screen when i play overwatch

    When I play overwatch, I occasionally have a red screen with nothing written on , it force to reboot my pc. I have no idea what it could be so thank you for taking your time to help me :) My pc: i5 6600k @ 4.6Ghz (1.31v), r7 370, 16gb ram, 2 hdd and 1 ssd, corsair cx430.
  20. N

    Custom Cables for Rosewill Photon

    Ive been looking for red and black cables to go with my Rosewill Photon 750w PSU. I cannot find them anywhere. If someone could provide a link to compatible red and black sleeved cables that would be amazing.
  21. K

    WIreless working but not wired

    Hey i have xfinity and my wireless is working but all of a sudden my hard wired connection (only have 1) stopped working. I replaced Ethernet cable, changed Ethernet port on modem, restarted computer. I talked to xfinity support and they could not help me. Any help? Thanks!
  22. K

    Wifi super slow on my laptop but fast on other devices

    I got my laptop fixed recently, and i dont know for sure if he did something that wouldve affected my wifi adapter cause since then, the internet on my laptop has been SO SLOW. Higher ping, laggy on browsers, and it keeps bouncing from high ping to HIGHER ping. It's so annoying. My router is...
  23. T

    Dark rock 3 vs dark rock pro 3

    I'm just wondering is the pro version a lot cooler or not? that is the only thing holding me back from picking.
  24. A

    DDR3 graphics card on DDR2 RAM

    i have a DG31PR with DDR2 4GBram.does a 2gb DDR3 geforce graphics card work.please answer fast,urgent and thank you
  25. C

    Logitech Z2300 Subwoofer/Speakers No Sound

    Hello all. First time reader/poster but I am having problems with an older Sub. for a year or so it has been in my closet, but to the best of my memory there was no problem with it last time it was stored. Its the Logitech z2300, I got it for free years ago from a friend who was moving. I...
  26. K

    Laptop wont getting ON

    I have a hp pavilion g6 laptop. Yesterday it stopped working. The problem is, it is not getting on, sometime it gets on but for last 10 hours its not getting on please help me sir. What may be the possible reasons. Kapil verma, INDIA Thanks.
  27. T

    installed another stick of ram and im having problems.

    Hi so i recently installed another 8gb stick of ram and im having google chrome "aw snap" issues and sometimes my games crash, mostly bf1 and fallout. My whole system runs fine and fast. I removed the 8gb stick and everything runs fine. It weird though cause sometimes im playing bf1 for hours...
  28. S

    VGA_LED solid red black screen

    I built this PC about 5 years ago, it was the first PC I ever built. About a year ago I started having problems such as date and time changing and I sometimes could not wake up the PC from hibernation without doing a hard shut down and then rebooting. Occasionally I would only get a black screen...
  29. M

    Remove data from a defective mobile

    Hi, the motherboard of my samsung galaxy s2 is not working. I wish to erase off everything from my phone memory. Is it possible someway?
  30. Q

    Games at about 20 FPS at low CPU, Memory, and Disk Usage

    Just as the title says, my games for some reason are running really slow, but in the task manager in performance, all the percentages are below 45-50%. Also, I have always been able to run these games, but stuff happened. Long story short, I reset everything, installed windows 10 again, install...
  31. L

    how to fix a vaio sony laptop that is receiving power but show nothing in the monitor

    The power is on but it shows nothing on the monitor
  32. D

    Gaming PC under 900euro ?

    looking for good gaming pc under 900euro what you guys think about this https://pcpartpicker.com/guide/kpJ7YJ/modest-gaming-build https://pcpartpicker.com/list/K4J6xY
  33. G

    Is it possible to put the EVGA ACX 2.0 cooler from a GTX 970 on a reference GTX 980 TI?

    If anyone knows if this whether or not this is possible, please let me know. I have an EVGA GTX 970 with the ACX 2.0 cooler on it and want to try installing it on a reference GTX 980 TI from Gigabyte. Thanks!
  34. I

    PC Will not boot

    PC will not boot 0xC0000221. At this point, I'm assuming hardware so I am trying to narrow down which piece. So far I have tried the following: Tested each ram stick (have 2. both work) changed from overclocked mhz to stock (3200oc to 2133). same bsod message on boot removed nvme drive os...
  35. P

    How do i download the drivers for my APU/CPU??

    I recently "restarted" my PC to Factory, meaning everything got whiped, this meaning that my CPU drivers also got removed or something. When i go to my device manager and check for updates, it says it has the latest driver update, but that update is from 2009. I'm having a AMD A10-6800K APU...
  36. L

    Unidentified Network No Internet Accesss - Wired Connection (Win 10)

    I keep getting this quite often when I boot my pc up. I've tried reinstalling the lan driver, netsh winsock reset, releasing and renewing ip, different dns and of course rebooting the modem many times. I never thought I'd run into so much trouble with a wired connection. Anyone know what else...

    wich is better 30hertz interlaced or 60hertz

    wondered wich is better have a 1080p monitor that has both
  38. F

    What GPU for build?

    Hello, alright, this is a ton of back 'n forth but that is how pc building is (I assume) I have the choice between 3 GPU's for just regular 1080p gaming RX 480 Strix RX 480 X RX 480 G1 RX 480 Nitro + GTX 1060 G1 GTX 1060 FTW GTX 1060 Windforce All are open to my budget, and I did search...
  39. R

    How should I go about selling my HP Envy?

    A few weeks ago, my HP Envy 15t-ae100 stopped booting. I'm pretty sure that the hard drive is faulty or something, but I'm thinking of selling it and getting a new laptop instead. I really only need one for school thats decently fast and portable. Should I try and get this one repaired, or...
  40. W

    Best GPU for a Dual Booting Windows 7 (or 10) and XP computer

    So originally I created a gaming computer that could play any game from the Windows XP time period and below (Basically, Crysis 1 down to Day of the Tentacle). I recent got a copy of a fresh install for Windows 7 and created a Dual Boot for this computer. I am currently using a AMD Radeon HD...